A 17-year old Brenham High School student faces charges after his arrest at the High School last week.

17-year old Kendall Thomas Swonke was arrested Friday morning, after campus security officer Albert Garcia says he witnessed Swonke approach a vehicle in the school parking lot.

Garcia says Swonke, a former member of the Brenham High School baseball team, was entering the vehicle in the driver’s side.  Garcia says he approached Swonke and was told he was looking at some repair work he was going to do on the vehicle.

Garcia, however, found marijuana in a bottle inside the vehicle.

Garcia and an assistant principal contacted Brenham Police who charged Swonke with Delivery of Marijuana to a Minor—a class-two felony; and, Delivery of Marijuana in a drug-free zone.


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  1. I think it’s odd that some people commenting here are defending this students behavior. Are they saying that they are ok with drugs being distributed to kids in schools? I doubt it, they just think that this particular student should be spared severe punishment because he is of good character. Well that’s not how it works, we don’t get to pick and choose who the law applies to and who it doesn’t. School zones are drug free, gun free lower speed limit and no using cell phones while driving zones. Of course that doesn’t mean that everyone obeys those laws and when you don’t and get caught, the punishment is more severe because it’s a school zone. We have these laws in place to help protect our kids while we can’t be there to protect them ourselves. IF this student is selling drugs in school then I think any responsible parent would agree that he shouldn’t be in school. Would you want him to sell drugs to your children?

  2. I am sure most of the adults on this forum
    Could look back on their juvenile years
    and be grateful they didn’t get caught for
    The stupid things they did with their peers.
    If you never did anything wrong then hold
    Your head high in your rightousnes. The
    real traviesty here is getting a Felony
    Conviction which is far more detrimental
    To his life than a little whacky tobacky.
    I hope he grows from this and is spared the
    Felony. Pleeeasse!

  3. it’s funny how so many have stated how good of kid he is and comes from a good family. . which all could be true. .not here to judge the kid for I don’t know him personally, but that being said, then he should of been smart enough to say NO to his “friend” that he was selling for. . kids at this age know the difference between right and wrong. . everyone feeling sorry for him and “give a kids a break” . . . really!! have you seen the news lately? how many young kids are repeated offenders?? not stopping it now will only get worse.. .like it was mention in other comments, yes some learn from mistakes others don’t. . if there is no punishment for their behavior now why have it later.. .

  4. The kid might get lucky it just depends on who the judge and the prosecutor are. I remember once reading on kwhi in the past about a man out of Houston who was arrested here in Brenham for having 3 pounds of marijuana on him and all he got was a short term probation and no jail time. I suppose that’s the war on drugs working?

  5. Kendall comes from a very hard working family. His choice in this matter will change his life forever and may God lead him on this journey he is about to take. His mother and father must be devastated. Our hearts and prayers go out to Kendall and his family that God will heal their wounds and bring them together. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ….

    1. Yes, he does come from a good, hard working family. All of our kids make mistakes, some worse than others. We all try as parents to do the best we can and hope that our kids will follow the path that we hope for them. Some do and some don’t. I wish that this would be an eye opener for other youths in our community, but at that age, they all think it can’t happen to them; they won’t get caught, etc.

  6. I know this boy. He is a very good student and a very good person. I know he made this choice and he must face the consequences but some times we get put in situations or persuaded to do things to fit in with the group. Its really hard to say no to people sometimes. I strongly believe that someone asked him to do it and he was just doing a favor for that person. Trying to fit in. He is a straight A student and a very good friend.

    1. Do you really think he was doing a favor for someone by delivering drugs? Time to open your eyes. People are not always who they appear to be. This young man knew what he was doing and it was a poor choice. Hopefully this will be a wake-up call for him and others around him. Be careful of who you associate with …you know the saying, “Birds of a feather hang together.”

      1. I have known Kendall and his family for years. This is completely out of character for him and he is paying for it with each negative thought and rude look thrown his direction. Kendall just turned 17 and by no means is deserving of facing adult charges. “Birds of a feather???” It is almost 2015, is that even relevant anymore? Marijuana is way more prevalant than you are aware of, sir. Give the kid a break. We have ALL made our fair share of mistakes. His life does not deserve to be devistated over this.

  7. Another teenager and his family lives will be ruined because of the losing battle over the war on drugs. America has been at war for over 37 years and were no where near winning the war on drugs. Half the population of prisons are low level drug offences paid by your tax dollars. The only people who profit from the war on drugs are the police and government, not the taxpayers.

    1. I am sorry that this young man is in trouble, but if he is guilty, this is a choice he made. He knew, or should have known, the consequences. As a parent, I appreciate the fact that law enforcement is trying to protect my children from the influence of the illegal drug culture.

      1. Police protecting our children from influence of the illegal drug culture? The police seem to be having a hard time doing that for the last 37 years. I dont feel any safer because someone is off the streets for having a couple of joints, which has been proven to be safer then beer. Telling kids what is good and bad in life, should be taught by their parents at home.

      1. I think it’s still funny how yet marijuana is illegal for the fact that it can make you high by recreational use, but also provides medical benefits and miracles. That being said I’m not one to argue with the law, but the fact that marijuana isn’t as harmful as ordinary cigarettes and any study can prove this. The law as a whole still portrays tobacco smoking as okay when it clearly causes physical damage more severely compared to marijuana. If he was delivering or selling a pack of cigarettes he’d probably get ISS or something pertained towards school punishment only, but replace cigarettes with a bud of grass that causes less physical arm to a human, the police have to be involved.

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