A man who attacked his female companion with a machete last October will spend the next four years in prison after this week’s session of the 21st district court.

Assistant District Attorney Eric Berg says 47-year old Raul Silva attacked the mother of his children when she chided him about his excessive drinking.  Berg said this led to a violent confrontation when he came at her with a machete.


Berg said that while this was Silva’s first felony offense involving violence he believed this was not a case where probation was appropriate.

A violent confrontation with a family member of March 20th 2012 led to a probation revocation for a 32 year old Brenham man in this week’s court session.

Berg said Josh Oneal Sloan would have normally faced a misdemeanor charge after he attacked a family member but with previous convictions the charge became more serious. Berg said Sloan had received a probated sentence but could not live up the terms.  Judge Carson Campbell sentenced Sloan to four years in prison and ordered him to pay a thousand dollar fine.

Berg said 24-year old Jessica Darlene Lamar of Galveston was arrested after a Brenham woman received a notice from her bank on some unusual activity in June of last year.  The evidence led law enforcement officers to Lamar.  Judge Campbell sentenced her to four years deferred adjudication, ordered her to pay a $1500 fine along with performing 160 hours of community service.

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