Brenham ISD students and faculty won’t have to wear a face mask after May 14th.  The Brenham School Board voted at their meeting at noon Monday to make masks optional after May 14th.  Voting against the proposal were Trustees Mark Schneider and Kelvin Raven who argued that all protocols should stay in place until the end of the school year.   Brenham ISD COVID-19 Response Leader Jamie Woodall said the recommendation comes after consulting with Washington County Health Authority Dr. William Loesch and Washington County EMS:

Jillian Wilke

Also, changing immediately is social distancing will be reduced from 6 feet to 3 feet and students and staff will only have to quarantine if they are showing symptoms.

Trustees also hired a new principal for the Brenham Early Childhood Learning Center.  Jillian Wilke was approved as the new principal.  Wilke has worked as an elementary assistant principal with Katy ISD and has also served in several positions with Deer Park and Sealy ISD.

In other action, trustees:

  • Selected Dr. Michael Altman and Mark Schneider to the vote canvassing board.  The voting from the May 1st election will be canvassed this Thursday at 12:00 noon at the Central Office.  Jared Krenek will be a new face on the board after he defeated longtime trustee Melvin Ehlert and fellow challenger Christine Giese Saturday.
  • Approved the selection of Reading Horizons as the elementary reading and spelling curriculum.
  • Approved a resolution regarding the review of the investment program
  • Authorized the addition of Superintendent Dr. Tylor Chaplin and the removal of Paul Aschenbeck and Nicole Porsche as representatives to the Lone Star Investment Pool.
  • Heard an update on the 2021-2022 school budget
  • Approved teacher contracts for the next school year.

Full Press Release on New ECLC Principal:

At today’s noon Board Meeting, the Brenham Independent School District Board of Trustees approved the appointment of Jillian Graham Wilke as the new principal for the Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC).

Prior to joining Brenham ISD, Mrs. Wilke has worked as an elementary assistant principal with Katy ISD, has served as a third grade teacher, department chair, team leader, self-contained and second grade inclusion teacher at Deer Park Independent School District, and lastly PPCD teacher at Sealy Independent School District.

"Mrs. Wilke is an excellent administrator and we are very excited to have her leading the ECLC campus," said Dr. Tylor Chaplin, Superintendent of Brenham ISD. We are certain she will be a valued member of the team and are confident that she will continue to lead the littlest Cubs to future educational success.

Her certifications include Principal, Special Education (K-12), Elementary Education (EC-4 generalist), English Second Language Supplemental (K-12), Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System, and Instructional Leadership Development.

"The opportunity to serve the children, families, faculty, and staff of the Brenham ECLC is an incredible honor. My professional experience in early childhood classrooms allows me to understand the significance of positively influencing the district’s youngest learners. My family and I are excited to become a part of the proud Brenham community!" said Wilke.

Mrs. Wilke has a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, Master’s of Science in Educational Management and is currently in the process of completing her Doctor of Education in Educational Administration.


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  1. I look forward for local companies to do the same! If you are comfortable wearing a mask, then great! Otherwise, leave people alone.

  2. What a dumb decision. Obviously the masks work that’s why the cases weren’t as high. What an absolute dumb decision by some dumb board members. Thank you to those that have common sense and voted against it.

    1. Districts that have removed mask mandates also have very low incidents of COVID even after 2 months. The masks don’t really make a difference…some people just feel like they need a cause to cling to…or they just like to control other people’s lives. If the mask makes you feel better, wear it…just don’t tell me what to do.

  3. Why?! Wait until the end of the school year. Those students that choose to wear them will be ridiculed so horribly by the yeeyees in the halls. They’ll “baa” at them incessantly (it happens in HEB so of course it will be even worse at school). This is the wrong decision. So disappointed in our leaders.

  4. The problem with this is that the COVID committee proposed that the mask mandates be lifted immediately and the school board chose not to go along with the recommendation. The school board needs to “follow the science” and allow these kids to stop wearing a mask. There is no need for a child to be masked up for 8 hours a day. Especially when there are numerous studies that prove that masks don’t even work against the virus. Have the guts to take the masks off these kids now.

    1. There are not “numerous studies that prove that masks don’t even work against the virus.” It’s quite the opposite. We know masks work against respiratory viruses. We knew in 1918 because they wore them during that pandemic.

  5. This is good now can graduation please get open to the families, we dealt with this last year with the 4 tickets and everyone was sad, can the kids this year please have their families in the stands screaming and yelling for them. Last year there was so many heart broken Seniors, so many heart broken families and yes we do know it will be streamed but it’s nothing like you walking down that way and your family screaming and yelling your name. So please let the Seniors shine they all worked very hard for this.

    1. Why? What’s a week going to do??
      Just wait until school is out??!!!
      I see the new school board has no more common sense that the old one????

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