Kim Hodde - Madisyn

Madisyn helps grandmother Kim Hodde get the books in the large print section sorted out.


As of Monday the Nancy Carol Roberts Library will be in the lobby of the Brenham City Hall.

Library staffers are showing off the new but temporary location this (Thursday) afternoon, while the current facility at 100 Martin Luther King Boulevard is being renovated for the next year or year and a half.

Wende Ragonis, the city’s administrative service manager says library visitors will still have most of the library services while they are at city hall. Ragonis says the renovations are needed in large part because  they ‘conveyance of information’ is becoming more reliant on digital electronics instead of books.  She says this is something library users will find at the city hall location.






The Library closed down on April 17th, so that library workers could box up books and other materials for the move.

Brenham has an unusually large library for a town our size and it is also one of the oldest.  The Fortnightly Club, which still is the major fundraiser for the Nancy Carol Roberts Library, opened the first public library in Brenham in 1901.  It was in city hall.

Andria Heiges

Library Supervisor Andria Heiges shows the new public computer area that offers high speed internet.

Kara Harris

Kara Harris scans in the inventory so it will be easy to know what books are on the shelves.



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