(from left) Jayda Harris, Hattie Abke, Jasmine Yanez, Fabiola Murillo
(courtesy Navasota High School)

Navasota High School has announced its 2020 Homecoming Queen nominees.

Candidates for Homecoming Queen this year are Hattie Abke, Jayda Harris, Fabiola Murillo, and Jasmine Yanez.

Other members of the Homecoming Court are Hailey Busa, Gracie LaBlue, Jocelynn Luna, Madison Nelms, Elisa Solis, and Leticia Tejada.

(top row, from left) Madison Nelms, Leticia Tejada, Jocelynn Luna, Hailey Busa
(bottom row) Elisa Solis, Gracie LaBlue
(courtesy Navasota High School)

The queen will be crowned at halftime of Friday night’s football game between the Rattlers and the Hargrave Falcons at Rattler Stadium. Introductions will be made pregame at 6:30 p.m., with kickoff at 7:30 p.m.

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  1. We commend these young people for setting the correct compassionate example of wearing masks during this pandemic plague. Now if the “oldtimers” would wake up and set the proper example. It is true that wisdom doesn’t always follow age!

  2. Yes with masks. These kids are showing responsibly unlike some adults I see, whose mentality is just above that of a 6 year old, which may be an insult to 6 yr olds.

    1. John, It is part of the education system that has started to progressively indoctrinate the thinking of our youth and ruin our Country. Now it is affecting rural youth through the internet sheepish mentality. Worst yet, the young inexperienced, so called professionals, that are now in administrative positions of teaching and government have placed the entire, city, state, country in the worst political, economical, national security and worst mental condition…. EVER. I pray, every hour, everyday of the week that our country can wake up. The inexperience of young so called professionals still scare the hell out of me. We are just beginning to see the initial damage that these educated inexperienced greed and power mongers can have on our country.

      1. Wake up you are absolutely right. I am a school teacher and the mentality of school administrators to sheepishly jump through state government hoops is ruining our children. The schools have hired more administrators to tell teachers what to teach and how to teach. This year with the on-line and in class has exponentially made it worst. The rookie teachers sheepishly follow the rookie administration. Us teachers with twenty plus years of teaching experience see the harm not to mention the exponential cost to the taxpayers. I just need to hold out for a few more years. Unfortunately, common sense and faith in a teaching degree by administrators no longer exists. Especially for the administrators that never worked and got at least twenty years of experience in the classroom.

        1. I’m not sure what your comments has to do with the article. Perhaps you just needed to vent. However, I agree with some things you wrote. It should be a requirement for administrators to spend a minimum number of years teaching in the classroom. But that would disrupt the “good old boy” network that rewards certain folk with certain last names despite the fact they are functionally incompetent in their field of study. Having book education or a Ph.D in “swimming” does not mean a thing if the person has never gotten wet in a pool! I would guess that it takes at least 5 years for a rookie to actually learn how to teach a class of students. The experienced teachers DO DESERVE MORE THAN THEY ARE BEING GIVEN!

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