The Brenham Fire Department was dispatched to a two vehicle accident Thursday afternoon at 12:30.  The accident occurred at the intersection of West Main and North Austin Streets.  The occupants of the vehicles were unharmed by the accident, but one of the vehicles was unable to be driven and stalled on the railroad tracks for a short time at the intersection.  The railroad company was notified and the vehicle moved before a train appeared.

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  1. We don’t need more traffic lights. People need to learn how to drive, stay off their dang cell phones while driving, pay attention to signs, and use the right of way intersection rule we were all taught in drivers education.

    1. People need to do these things, but they aren’t. The rules should be well enough already to prevent accidents, but they don’t. Wishing that other people were competent is nice and all, but I’ve been doing that for decades and can assure you that it doesn’t work.

      If something needs to change, additional signage or lights would make a lot of sense. It’s something the City can do all on its very own.

  2. The city needed to get with the state and get this intersection updated with lights 20 years ago. The stop signs constantly back up traffic and visitors to town fly through the stop signs unknowingly. This intesection and the two 4-way stops on Business 36 at Tom Green Street need to be modernized to get traffic flowing through town better.

    1. TXDoT is not at all quick to listen, or to put traffic studies into their schedule. At least you can be thankful that Business 36 no longer goes down to College Avenue and then turns one block east until it hits Austin Street. Traffic would never move if you had to get out at that intersection. The stop signs at Austin Parkway and Main Street are not that inconvenient; if the Brenham Police Department would place an officer there for a few minutes several times a day and catch those run the stop sign or practice “rolling stops” (and ticket them), people would be made aware and the intersection would be made safer. The four-way intersection of business 290 in downtown Burton has the stop sign outlined with flashing LEDs for visibility and attention–this may also be a possible remedy.

  3. Blinking lights are needed on the stop signs on the north side. Drivers see the green traffic light in the next intersection and don’t realize they need to stop at Main St. Been in close calls several times and have seen many others.

    1. Yes, that is what I meant. I’m sorry if I was unclear in my description of where the blinking sign might be placed.

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