The developers of an oil project that has drawn opposition from Washington County residents have decided to look elsewhere.

Representatives from Plains All American Pipeline discuss their plans for a crude oil storage facility on Palestine Road at a public hearing October 31st at the Nancy Carol Roberts Memorial Library.
(from left): Communications Manager Katie Martin, Right-of-Way Director Don Trimble, Public Affairs Advisor Jeff Cosola, and Project Director Rob Koenig

In a statement released Monday to Washington County Commissioners, representatives from Plains All American Pipeline said they are no longer pursuing the roughly 150 acres on Palestine Road in the Sandy Hill community to build a crude oil storage terminal.  The company has given notice of its cancelation of the contract to purchase the property.

County Judge John Durrenberger said he was informed Monday by representatives of the company that they received an extension on the land purchase contract, which was originally set to close Friday.

Commissioners are set to meet this (Tuesday) morning to vote on a resolution opposing the project’s proposed location.

In his conversation with company representatives, Durrenberger said he was asked if they would consider delaying their vote on the resolution, to which he said “absolutely not”.

The proposed location of the oil development sparked debate among local residents and officials.  Durrenberger and Commissioner Don Koester were among those at a public hearing Thursday to voice their disapproval of the project in that location.

Durrenberger said this outcome was the “best possible resolution”.  He said it is unknown at this point if the developers will consider other sites in the county.

Full Statement Monday from Plains All American Vice President of Communications and Government Relations Roy Lamoreaux:

Dear Judge Durrenberger:

Plains All American as construction manager of Red Oak Pipeline has decided not to move forward with siting a crude oil storage terminal on the previously discussed ~150 acre property in Washington County, and have given notice of our cancelation of the contract to purchase the property.

We appreciate the feedback we received from you, residents of neighboring properties and the Washington County Commissioners.

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  1. What an opportunity missed for revenue to the community. Guess we will keep relying on MaiFest(eyeroll) or higher taxes…..

  2. I’ll bet that facility would’ve created a few more jobs in Washington County

    I wonder if our politicians were thinking of that or just thinking about how much value in taxes the land would make for the county

    What’s best for the politicians ?
    What’s best for the workingman ?

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