Two Brenham High School students have been arrested after police were informed of a threat against the school Friday morning.

According to authorities, they were notified that a potential threat had been made towards the school via social media.

The two 16-year old males were reportedly not at school today Friday, and were taken into custody off campus.  Officers say they recovered two airsoft weapons at one of the student’s residences.

Parents were notified early Friday morning via a message sent out by BISD administrators.  As a precaution, there was an increased law enforcement presence on the campus.

Classes were not disrupted, and school continued as usual.


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  1. What i dont get is if this social media message was seen and shared with enough time to warn parents then why not just have Brenham PD intercept the 2 either leaving home or arriving at school the following morning? The incident coulda been delt with easily and quietly. I remember kids being arrested in the parking lot before school back in the ’90s and still to this day don’t know the reason…

    1. Yes, but in 1960 there was no social media by every kid! The kids played cops and robbers or such games and did not advertise of a occurrence that may or may not happen to do harm to others! There is a difference Tom. I’m guessing in 1960 you wore your gun holster with you’re .22 pistol and it didn’t resemble a real gun or replica of a army weapon such as the one they found with these kids!
      The right action was taken so if your trying to cover up for the action of these kids please start living in the 2019 years and pick up a Houston Chronicle or go downtown Houston or Austin area so your more familiar with the day and age we live in now! It’s not the 1960’s so don’t compare it anymore because it’s ridiculous in all forms!!!

    2. In the 70’s most guys were carrying rifles on the gunracks in their pickup trucks. Of course, nobody would have ever thought of bringing the gun into the school and using it on people.
      Times have definitely changed.

  2. Thank you BPD for providing extra security on campus as a precautionary measures.
    Quick action was appreciated.

  3. A message was sent out to parents of BHS Students. If you did not receive a message, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure your working number, email address, etc are on file at the school. BHS has very capable, extremely personable, caring, and concerned Administrators and two School Resource Officers who are ALL very active during the entire school day and beyond. They are taking care of business here at the high school. Staff and students alike are SAFE. Job well done SRO’s and Administrators

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