A proposed zoning change drew considerable discussion during Thursday’s city council meeting.  The proposed change would rezone an eight acre tract of land on Tiaden Lane from Residential to Industrial.  Del Sol Foods is looking to purchase the property contingent on the zoning change.  They said that it would be for future growth of their plant located on the adjacent Blue Bell Road.

Three residents who live on Tiaden Lane voiced concerns that the zoning change would force their property values higher. They also were concerned about increased traffic on Tiaden Lane and with drainage problems.  They said they purchased their property with the knowledge that it and adjacent property were zoned residential. Representatives from Del Sol Foods said that they would continue to use Blue Bell Road and that they have no current plans to utilize the land, that it’s only for future expansion, if needed.

The rezoning was passed by the Planning and Zoning Commission several weeks ago.  Council member Weldon Williams said he could see no positive in the rezoning for the residents in the area.  Council voted to approve the rezoning on the first reading. Councilmembers Weldon Williams and Charile Pyle voted against the amendment.

Proposed zoning change property shown in red outline on City of Brenham map.

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