A second case of covid-19 has been confirmed in Washington County.  Emergency Management Coordinator Bryan Ruemke confirmed this (Thursday) morning that an older male has tested positive with the virus.  No other information about the patient is being released at this time.  The first case of the virus in the county was confirmed yesterday to be a male in his 40s who works for the City of Brenham.  Currently the cause of the second case under investigation.  Ruemke stated that it was "probably community spread".

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  1. Two so far, no doubt several, if not many, more to come. This will require everyone to do their part so that we are ALL safe. It matters none if you believe this is serious or not, because it is, especially to those who are compromised with their health in any way.
    Would it be better if we were all hunkered down in our homes & somehow guaranteed that we didn’t spread this throughout the community – ABSOLUTELY! Is that possible, no – not really. We all have to do our park equally to take care of each other, ourselves & our neighbors. Age truly matters none – it has now been proven that even several younger people have tested positive. One thing is absolutely certain, we need to make sure that we practice good hygiene & hand washing. We are a smaller community with a smaller scale access to medical equipment than the bigger cities. The very last thing we need is to inundate our local hospital & ER with cases of the Covid 19 virus, then what will those who have other regular emergencies do? Let us not forget that people are still having heart attacks everyday unfortunately, those types of events have not stopped simply because another type of medical issue has arisen. Let’s just use good common sense here folks – we will all make it thorough this, but only if we do what is right!

  2. Maybe the real reason there is not a lot of information is it is protected by law and so that the infected person does not get bullied on facebook. Facebook can be very cruel to people.

  3. I like how every other county has given more detail about their cases: the age, where it was contacted, are they now in the hospital or isolated at home, did that person come into contact with many others, etc., yet our county only says “we have another confirmed case”.

  4. I read an article on here that said we have 18 ventilators for this area with a population of 31k. Also, we are as prepared for this as we can be….

    1. Second confirmed case is said to be an employee at Brenham Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge. They are closing their doors and advising all employees to quarantine themselves.

  5. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. There will be more confirmed cases to come. Put into action the CDC guidelines: social distancing, hand washing, refrain from touching your face, eyes, nose, etc and stay at home if you do not need to be out. If you do not have a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with the Lord get to know him NOW because He hears and answers the cries of His people. The Lord’s wake up call to His people – 2nd Corinthians 7:14

  6. Well I believe it’s time our leaders need todo what’s right and shut things down, as it is possibly going to get worse now. Protect our kids and elderly and shut down like everyone else around us has. What’s it gonna take? Wait till we get the first death? Do what’s right and recommended.

    1. Absolutely! Be smart and proactive opposed to reactive! Don’t wait until 1/2 the population of the county has been confirmed to do something! Continue the shut down, start a curfew, and/or whatever needs to be done to help limit the spread of this!

    2. Why do our Leaders have to tell you what to do………most of the time we are complaining and telling them to stay out of our business. Just DO WHAT THE CDC, President, Governor and the Local Declarations are already asking you to do.
      Social distancing,
      Hand washing
      Refrain from touching your face, eyes, nose, etc
      Stay at home if you do not need to be out
      No Groups of 10 or more

      1. Don’t do what the president says. Pretty sure that would expose you to the virus. I’d follow everyone else though. You forgot Dr Fauci. That man is a godsend to the country right now.

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