The City of Somerville is withdrawing from the Burleson County Chamber of Commerce in order to focus more attention on businesses in Somerville.

Somerville City Administrator Ben Griffin says he believes Somerville businesses will be better served by educating visitors about the lake and about what is available here.  The Burleson County Chamber of Commerce offices are located in Caldwell.  In order to better promote Somerville, the City is planning to establish a Visitor’s Center.  Former Burleson County Chamber employee Brenda Kolojaco has already been hired to run the Visitor’s Center, although its exact location has not been set.  Presently Kolojaco is using an office at Somerville City Hall.

Years ago the cities of Somerville and Caldwell each had their own chambers of commerce, but they merged into a county-wide chamber.  Griffin says the City still supports the Burleson County Chamber’s county-wide mission, but through the new Somerville Visitors Center, they will be putting together a business plan to showcase hotels, restaurants and other businesses in Somerville.

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