Nearly two years after Burton State Bank was robbed at gunpoint, a suspect has been taken into custody.

Shawn Patrick Childers
(Washington Co. Jail)

53-year-old Shawn Patrick Childers of La Grange was arrested today (Thursday) after being indicted for Aggravated Robbery.  The arrest came after almost two years of investigation by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, and the Texas Rangers.

On June 7, 2018, a man wearing a hat, sunglasses, and mask robbed the bank at gunpoint before fleeing the scene in a white truck with approximately $12,000.  Childers was developed as a suspect after numerous interviews and investigations into his financial history.

(courtesy Washington Co. Sheriff's Office)

Washington County District Attorney Julie Renken said, “The amount of legwork that went into this indictment and arrest is unbelievable.”  She said Texas Ranger Lieutenant Jeff Wolf and Washington County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Mark Whidden put numerous hours and miles into identifying Childers as a suspect.

Renken said the case is not finished, as her office is taking it over for prosecution.

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  1. I’ve known chili pretty much my whole life I would like to think he didn’t do this but when you hit rock bottom you do unfortunate things! It’s sad for all involved. Hang in there Chili!

  2. In my wildest dreams I never would have thought chili could or would do something like this. God be with you bro.

  3. I hope this gives bank employees a sense of relief that this man was caught. It must be a very unnerving feeling to look at every person that comes through the door that matched his description and wonder if that person was the robber.

  4. The investigation probably Cost more that he amount of money he stole, $12,000 . Glad they got him, I have to wonder how he was able to live a “Normal” life for so long after the robbery. I guess some folks don’t feel remorse or Guilt…

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