A group out of Texas A&M is celebrating 20 years of serving the state in times of emergency.

From floods to tornadoes - Texas Task Force 1 first responders have reacted at a moment's notice to help people in a crisis.

The task force was created out of a need for an urban search and rescue team on hand at any time. After two decades, the force has grown to over 600 volunteer members.

Texas Task Force 1 is one of 28 teams in the U.S. with an Urban Search and Rescue System.

Besides providing assistance in Texas, they have aided in major catastrophic events.

In addition to state-wide catastrophes the Task Force has been deployed to some of the biggest emergencies in our nation’s history, including the World Trade Center and Hurricane Katrina.

The team says they owe a lot of their growth to the resources from the Texas A&M system.

The future for the task force is bright as they've recently taken on running Texas Task Force 2- a team out of North Texas.

The task force is also working with a regional team in south Texas to help better response times.

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