A 47-year old Brenham man who pointed a pistol at a man trying to talk to him, has been sentenced to three years in prison after this week’s session of the 21st district court.

District Court Judge Carson Campbell sentenced Christopher Kallie to three years in prison for an incident that happened at Riggs and Valley Street in the late night hours of June 6th, 2013.   A man had come up to Kallie’s car to speak to him.  Kallie at that point pulled out a handgun and said he would kill him. Assistant District Attorney Eric Berg said that Kallie was upset that this victim had reported to police that he had a firearm in his possession..

Kallie was arrested later after he had driven away.  The sentence was part of a plea bargain.

A building arson case from last November resulted in a two year deferred adjudication sentence for an 18-year old man from Auburn, Alabama. Brandon Jarcus Still was arrested for arson, which is a class A misdemeanor.  He must also pay a $500 fine.

A 27-year old Brenham man had his probation revoked for a five year old marijuana possession charge in this week’s court session.  Judge Campbell sentenced Brandon Ray Whaley to 180 days in the Washington County Jail.  Whaley had been on probation for a January 2009 arrest for marijuana possession   Brenham police arrested Whaley at the intersection of of Blinn Boulevard and College Avenue when he was making too much noise while delivering ‘some baked goods.’  The officers made the initial stop for the noise complaint, but it turned out he had suspended driver’s license, some items considered to be drug paraphernalia, and a small amount of marijuana.  They also found some brownies that had something other than the familiar chocolate smell.  The inspection of the brownies found they contained marijuana.  Whaley was thought to be delivering the marijuana brownies to someone. He had been put on probation but had violated the agreement in several ways and now is headed to the Washington County jail.

Judge Campbell sentenced 29-year old Horasio Ramirez to seven years deferred adjudication after he was caught two years ago, stealing cattle.  Berg said Ramirez was working at a cattle ranch and had illegally taken 13 heads of cattle to an auction and kept the proceeds for himself.  The judge also ordered him to pay back the $9800 in restitution for the stolen cattle.

Berg said that 21-year old Bria Lanay Tate was involved in a scam at the Brenham Wal-Mart.  Tate would authorize a pre-paid credit card to a customer, the customer would use the card, but the card was never paid for.

A 46-year old man from Houston was the latest defendant in a forgery case at the now closed KFC Franchise in Brenham.  Berg sai James Roy Fletcher had paychecks supposedly from KFC, and was cashing them even though he never worked at the restaurant franchise.


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