Washington County has been added to the list of counties included in President Joe Biden’s Major Disaster Declaration for Individual Assistance.

(Mark Whitehead)

Governor Greg Abbott announced today (Monday) that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has approved an additional 31 counties to be added to the declaration.  The newly added counties include Washington, Austin and Colorado counties.

Fayette and Lee counties are still not included on the federal disaster declaration list.

Abbott originally requested individual assistance for all 254 counties on February 13th.  On February 20th, the White House partially approved the state’s request for a Major Disaster Declaration.  The partial approval included individual assistance in 77 counties and public assistance—emergency protective measures only—in all 254 counties.

According to a release from the Governor’s Office, more counties will continue to be re-requested as the state receives information reported from individuals who have suffered damage from the winter storm.  Texans are encouraged to fill out the Texas Division of Emergency Management’s (TDEM) Texas Individual Assistance Reporting Tool to help the state identify and understand damages across Texas from the recent winter weather.

FEMA has asked the state for additional information regarding the amount of damage in the counties that have yet to be declared, and TDEM will continue to present that information until all Texas counties that qualify for federal assistance receive the help they need.

Counties included in this approval are Anderson, Austin, Bosque, Bowie, Burnet, Cherokee, Colorado, Erath, Fannin, Freestone, Gonzales, Grayson, Gregg, Harrison, Hill, Houston, Hunt, Jackson, Jim Wells, Jones, Limestone, Lubbock, Medina, Milam, Navarro, Rusk, Taylor, Tom Green, Val Verde, Washington, and Wood.

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  1. I do not understand why everytime something happens, everybody cries for ASSISTANCE. Everybody is always looking for a hand out. If something breaks, fix it. If you can’t fix it, hire someone who can. If you can’t afford to fix it yourself or can’t afford to hire someone, go to the bank and get a loan. Get another job or work more hours at your current job to pay the loan. Pull your pants up, put a belt on, pick yourself up, change your situation and quit crying.

  2. Our Address is Washington County. had water leak lost an unknown amount of water before a neighbor discovered and turned off our water. . .We are on Lee County Water Co-op system. Meters read? supposedly on Monday 22nd. Will they help with water bill? We were without till son came from DeLeon and repaired. We are Sr. Citizens.

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