Washington County Commissioners will meet Tuesday to take steps toward the repair of facilities at the Washington County Expo that were damaged during February’s winter storm.

Commissioners will consider an order granting discretionary exemptions for contract purchasing under Texas government code for the annex building and event center.

According to Texas Local Government Code 262.024, a contract is exempt from competitive bidding requirements if it is for the purchase of an item that is necessary because of unforeseen damage to public property.

Also on Tuesday, the court will look to approve the county’s half of an interlocal agreement to provide law enforcement by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for the City of Burton.  The Burton City Council passed its portion of the agreement at its meeting February 9th.

Commissioners will also consider:

  • Renewal of the basic client services agreement between the county and Personnel Services for the use of temporary employees to work the 2021 spring cleanup event at the BVR Collection Station. County residents will be able to participate in the collection days March 25-27.
  • Appointing David Clay and Kathy Parker to the Washington County Historical Commission.
  • Approval of a 60-day extension of 67.75 excess vacation hours for Peggy Diggs with the district clerk’s office.
  • Awarding a request for proposals for lawn services for designated areas within the county.
  • A joint election agreement between the county, the City of Brenham and Brenham ISD for the May 1st
  • Approval of a merchant application and ACH origination agreement terms and conditions.

Commissioners will meet Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. at the Washington County Courthouse Annex.

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  1. The weather was forecasted 7 days prior with each day getting progressively colder. Fifth grade science teaches the freezing temperature of water is 32F and below(common sense tells us the farther below, the harder & more severe). So……how in the world can you classify this as “unforeseen damage” ?

    1. This was not ‘unforeseen’ damage. This was damage due to negligence. The city of Brenham neglected to take care of winterizing the building which is not surprising since they failed to make sure the water mains in the city were sufficiently maintained either. There is an old saying ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”, well that is true except you have to make sure that it isn’t ‘broke’ first. If the city had done due diligence with its facilities there would not have been so many problems. The same is true of ERCOT. If production facilities would have been sufficiently winterized we would not have had the power issues either. Lazy, that’s what the problem is.

      1. Why would the city have anything to do with the fair buildings they are county run. But good job on complaining about everything again.

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