17 people were added to the covid-19 list on Saturday.  The new positive cases include 8 female and 9 males including two persons listed as being 0-9 years old.  All of the new positive cases are reported to be recovering at home.

The new cases bring to 107 active cases in Washington County with 296 cases reported, 158 recovered, 4 hospitalized, and 31 deaths.  One person was reportedly removed from the county list after it was learned that they were not a county resident.

The total tested number has be stuck at 3995 for the past two weeks.  The Washington County Joint Information Center has been requesting that the number be updated, but have received no response at this point.

To view the full list of confirmed cases in the county, go online to www.washingtoncountyems.net/covid-19-confirmed-cases.  To visit the JIC website providing COVID-19 information, click here.

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  1. Why is there all this bickering about going back to school? The school district is giving you a choice, IN PERSON or ONLINE! See- nothing to fight about.
    Parents- make a choice. Choose an option for educating your children and MOVE ON. I would also like to say that there are many children out there who NEED to be in school. The longer they go without any structure or “book learning”, the harder it is going to be to get them caught up and on track. It is going to be like herding feral cats when everyone has to come back to a brick and mortar building!
    Teachers – if you are scared and if you do not want to return – STAY HOME (you aren’t any different than thousands of other essential workers that have been on the job this ENTIRE time) I am sure the district will find plenty of people who want to teach.
    See, problem solved.

  2. It makes me proud to see more and more people standing up for our rights. I was starting to feel like I was the only one. We need to all come together and make ourselves heard. This will not end until we make it end. The only way to descend an unconstitutional order is to defy it in large numbers.

  3. How is helping to protect yourself, your loved ones and your fellow citizens an infringement on your rights? I don’t undetstand how you can make that an issue. What has happened to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Not a religious person, but I believe we are all in this together.

  4. Wow, just wow. Don’t get your drawers in a wad. I am not an idiot. I do not watch or listen to liberal news outlets. I too am a patriot. But jeez, you people need to chill. Oh, and wear a mask, it won’t hurt you.

    1. When someone is described as selfish because they do not wish to conform to a seemingly random requirement with dubious science supporting it, and these same people are endorsing a government requirement that we conform to their requirement, people will respond. When people maybe one day remember that we are Americans and that we have freedom and liberty, we may look up and realize that we gave it away one mask at a time, one demand to stay away from church at a time, one requirement that we don’t eat out, one law that says we cannot go have elective medical care…..and the list goes on. Before demanding that people conform to the “uniform” of the day stop and think about who we are as a nation and allow a free to people to make the right choice for themselves.

  5. I can’t even read the comments anymore here. There are so many people coming to KWHI and treating it like a facebook thread with their political views on a public health issue. Citing sources that stay inline with their political views and fear over this “Great government control” that isn’t existing in this crisis. Everyone have a seat and actually listen to medical experts and scientists who devoted their lives to studying things like this instead of people with political agendas and financial gains. I feel awful for so many of you not wanting to properly get true scientific facts from true experts when you have it right at your finger tips. I hope you all take your time to put on a mask when you are out in public and/or utilize curbside and delivery services when you cannot wear a mask. This town USED to pride itself on caring from one another in the community. Seems that is in the trash with logic now.

    1. When you get TRUE facts you let us know. So many lies, half truths, and LIBERAL control that does exist. Didn’t realize just how many of you are so weak and were easily manipulated into lining up with the left agenda.

    2. It should come as no surprise that people cite sources in line with their political views. Do you expect that they should try to make a point and then say, “On the other hand, you might want to read this other viewpoint…”? That’s not realistic.

      Also, “true” scientific facts do not come from authorities. They come from the scientific method being applied to direct observations. Science is not a religion, it does not demand your faith, and actually a basic tenet of science is to always question science because everything we think we know that flows from science is falsifiable. That quality is what makes science great.

      That being said, I basically agree with you.

      Everybody should wear a mask, socially distance, and limit their exposure to others as reasonably well as possible. These actions are necessary not out of concern for one’s own health, but out of concern for others’. If you have the disease, you don’t know to whom you might spread it or under what circumstances. You might spread it to someone who spreads it to someone else that dies. If that happens, you *are* at least partially culpable.

  6. What happens in 2 weeks of the mask mandate if cases continue to rise? Will those pushing for masks still think that is the solution? Will we push for full blown lockdown? More testing leads to more chances of positive results and promoting the active cases number which in turn is driving the fear. If I want that to decrease, I would reduce the testing, but that’s not going to happen.

  7. More great news ignored by the media.
    The number of coronavirus related deaths in the US on the 4th of July reached the lowest numbers since the beginning of the China coronavirus pandemic back in March.

  8. Help each other,
    Let’s just wear our masks and help each other out. We are a community that looks out for each other. I know many people that are positive and are out and about. Eating out, working etc. I don’t think there is contract tracing being done and mandating quarantine. We are better then arguing about this. There have been a couple of deaths not reported yet and they were not elderly. Please … Dr Loesch give us updates and guidance.

  9. “Cases” are meaningless. We WANT more cases with less deaths because this means the virus has become weak and manageable. Also, remember that the CDC said they were combing positives with antibody tests so the total shouldn’t scare you

  10. Hang in there REAL Americans!! It will all end “magically” November 4, 2020. After the elections one way or another it will all go away and the sheep will be crying…..

  11. No one cares anymore about the number of cases. The deaths remain low. This is no longer the virus everyone lied to us about. Personally, covid is over for me and I’m moving on…With or without the rest of society. I didn’t sign up to live in a dictatorship where I am forced to cover my face when I am perfectly healthy. This is ridiculous and needs to come to an end.

  12. Hey, everybody in the comments calm down!!!
    I don’t want anyone to have a heart attack or stroke from getting worked up when arguing.
    I don’t want them to mark it down as another COVID death.

  13. Why is Dr. Fauci’s wife the NIF Chief of Bioethics and Human Subjects Research? This means she’s the one who “rubber stamps” exceptions to normal drug and vaccine testing. No media coverage on this. I find that odd.

  14. Wanted to share some words with y’all from Dr. David Samadi. America desperately needs a second opinion concerning this virus. Especially from someone who looks at FACTS alone and isn’t trying to further the main stream media’s agenda.

    “The reason why the numbers are going up are as follows.

    1) More testing leads to more positive results.

    2) It’s 2-3 weeks after the riots where millions gathered.

    3) Pre-elective surgeries COVID tests.

    4) Common cold can lead to positive COVID test.

    Look at the death rate.

    The CDC website states that “a positive [COVID-19] result could mean that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.”

    This is also contributing to the rise of infections!

    The death toll in Texas is DECLINING, despite cases rising!

    Texas had a total of 31 COVID-19 deaths over the past seven days

    ICU beds are usually kept at 95% full because they are the most profitable beds in the hospital. Hospitals get more money if they keep their ICUs full.

    In Texas, only about 37% of the ICU cases are COVID-19 related.

    Do not fall for the media using this 95% number. “

    – Dr. David Samadi

    1. But isn’t Dr. Samadi a New York City UROLOGIST who makes like 8 million dollars a year?

  15. You test more people – you get more cases.
    Common sense – not a news story.
    Good news is, the death toll is not rising – something the main-stream media does not want to talk about.

    1. Looks at 1.3 million closed covid cases, looks at 130K confirmed deaths. 10% wow! Looks at 1.5 million active cases bringing the logic of 10%. Another 150K potential deaths from this virus. From flu cases with 29 million cases and 38K deaths from 2016 numbers this is a little more than 1% death rate. Please don’t compare covid to the flu that logic is flawed by statistics alone.

      1. Your math is astounding!! That is so not even close to how you figure death rate….

      2. better do some more fact check. Approximately 30% of tests give a false positive. there are also tests showing false negative. There are tests that have been sent in, never used, that are coming back positive. There are people that sign up to get tested, but for whatever reason, never do. They are later being informed that they tested positive even though they never tested. Also, by all the “experts” ( and I use that term loosely), for every person that tests positive, there are at least 10 more that have the Wuflu that never test and never go to the doctor.

      3. the problem is 99.9 percent of death are posted as covid-1.9. If were 90 yeas with heart failure and other problems you died from it was from covid-19. Just look at the record for the last 4 months. Deaths rom cancer, heart disease, etc are almost non existence so why is that. everything is covid-19

    2. Actually, the death toll over the last 4 weeks has been rising. Not as bad as it was in NY but if enough people keep believing this is a hoax we will get there soon enough.

    3. Yes! Don’t listen to these other people trying to fact check you. They are a lot of talk all based off of emotions, liberal news outlets, and zero fact. DEATHS ARE DECREASING in Texas. This should be a great thing and yet they’re praying it’s not true. Why? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative! Thanks for sharing real news in the comments since we aren’t getting the real news much anywhere else.

  16. These numbers are all going to go up till everyone works together as one.fall is just around the corner, if these numbers cant get lowered it’s going to get really disruptive and worrisome,gosh forbid ppl start getting flu and virus together, it can happen,and probably will..

  17. The cases of co-vid in Washington County are exploding. They tell us these are all from community spread. We even have children younger than 10 diagnosed with this virus. The medical experts have told us that wearing masks helps prevent the spread of this disease. Those that refuse to wear masks because their “rights” are being taken away are very selfish. I don’t want to breathe your germs. You just might be a carrier of the virus but are not experiencing any symptoms. We all have to wear seatbelts in cars, which help decrease deaths on the roadways. The reason our governor made it mandatory to wear masks is because people are not complying with the strong recommendations. If you don’t want to wear a mask when in public, then stay home. If you must be in public, PLEASE wear a mask. It is a very small thing to do to help slow the spread of this virus. Yes, many people die from many different things, but we know people are dying from this specific virus. Please do your part to help.

    1. Most will not.
      Unfortunately some will.
      We cannot stop our lives because 1/10th of 1% of people might die.
      We need to be brave and do what we can, but we do not need to lose our minds.

      1. I do not believe anyone is “losing their minds”. Intelligent people will wear face masks when in public, refrain from shaking hands and practice social distancing. Intelligent people will wear a face mask out of respect for other people even when they personally do not want to wear a face mask. Intelligent people will not believe that every bit of advice coming from our political leaders is a “left wing, liberal, Antifa” conspiracy! Now what comes from our political leaders may not always make sense but responsible tax paying citizens will respectfully abide by those law or guidelines. Every federal, state or local law or guideline is not an infringement on “our” rights as Americans. The lunacy and cave man thinking is getting old!

        1. Spoken like a true, big government, socialist democrat.
          Intelligent people will also not believe everything that their government tells them.
          Most of this has now turned into destroy Trump’s agenda at any cost.
          Even if it means hurting our country and it’s citizens.
          You sound intelligent enough, even if you believe everything the news tells you.
          Try looking at it without hate for the Republican in office.
          Try and add the facts up with what is really happening here in Texas.
          It might surprise you.
          Most everyone will be fine.
          Some will not, unfortunately that is life.

          1. So, by your own admission “Intelligent people will also not believe everything that their government tells them.”, where does that place you in what the executive branch says that contradicts the persons with medical degrees?
            Your presentation shows too much emotion and not enough concrete evidence to convince a listener.

          2. I read and listen to all, and I believe about half of it.
            You should try it sometime.
            You will be happier for it.
            Even the smartest experts are wrong sometimes. That includes politicians and doctors.

    2. “Concerned Citizen” – I’m sure your getting your information from the liberal main-stream media that is playing politics to help the weak democrats. The death rates “have gone down”. The amount of people testing positive are because we are testing a lot more people, so naturally the numbers will look to go up. Lots of people had this virus going back to last fall, and very, very few had real problems – just like with the flu. Over 99 plus percent have either mild, or no problems.
      Does not justify shutting down the economy and infringing on our rights. If you want to wear a mask, wear one. Mind your own business and stop trying to run everyone else’s lives like a good socialist.

    3. If you want to roll over and give away our freedoms that people have died for (which by the way, is very very selfish), then so be it. But don’t get in the way of true patriots who are trying to persevere our freedoms. The same “medical experts” saying that masks help, were also saying that it’s just to make people feel better. They say whatever fits their agenda at the moment and people like you are being used as useful idiots.

    4. I to am a concerned citizen, I am concerned about the vast unconstitutional overreach we are seeing at every level of government fueled by those who share beliefs like the one above. To be forced to give up my rights and liberty or be forced to “stay at home” is completely wrong. In the alternative, if you really don’t want to breath my germs, I suggest that you stay home, or least stay away from me. I do not believe that I should have to adopt your fears as my own. When you give up your rights and your liberty they can become very hard to regain when it happens to be a different issue. Whatever happened to “my body my rights”. Guess that does not apply here!

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