Baseball record holder Jon Peters spoke this (Wednesday) morning to the students at Brenham High School.  Peters graduated from Brenham High School in 1989 as the United States’ record holder for the most consecutive wins by a high school pitcher. His streak of fifty-three consecutive wins still stands today. Because of his record, he became the first high school baseball player to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Following high school, Peters attended Texas A&M University on a baseball scholarship. His dream quickly became a distant memory after enduring his fourth arm surgery. Life, as he knew it, began to quickly change from being in the spotlight to a seemingly sad, lonely, and isolated place. To satisfy his love for baseball, he coached for several years before finally walking away from the game that had given him so much, and the game he had fallen in love with.

Peters spoke to the students about the personal demons that had dogged him from an early age and how he learned to overcome them.



  1. Appreciation to Jon for sharing his story. Many people need to know that despite what can look like “perfect life” or “dream come true”, people often continue to struggle with depression, self-doubts and can be affected by comments made by other people. It is especially important to let our youth know and I applaud his willingness to speak to the youth at BHS. As a sports fan, I took my son to many BHS games and we followed his career throughout high school and into college. I am sorry he had the struggle but appreciate his willingness to share. As a professional in the field in working with people, it is a story that needs to be told. Thank you.

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