An iconic Texas Bistro is opening a new location in Brenham.

Royers Café will be opening a new, additional location off U.S. 290, right next to South Texas Tack.

“We are just starting the building process now” said Jonathan Royer, owner of Royers Café in Round Top.

“We are hoping we will be open by the end of the year, so we can get some of those holiday pies to the people of Brenham.”

The Royers Round Top Café has become renowned for their gourmet comfort food and pies.  Jonathan's father, Bud “the Pieman” Royer,  founded the cafe and Royers mail order pies.  With no culinary training or kitchen experience, Bud and his family built and marketed the café into a well-recognized Texas institution.

While the Royers will still be operating the Round Top location, the new restaurant in Brenham will serve lunch and be the new headquarters for their mail order pies. The Royers ship thousands of their pies to every state in the country through their mail order web site.

Jonathan Royer says the new location will be approximately twice the size as the original café. “We want to keep it small and intimate, like in Round Top, so we will only  serve about 75-85 people at one time” said Royer.

The menu will be similar to the Round Top location, with some changes and tweaks. “My dad took the chicken fried steak off the menu some years ago, and I think we will need to bring that back for the people of Brenham” said Royer.

Jonathan and his wife moved to Brenham about eight years ago and they are looking forward to opening up the new location.

“We are excited to be in our hometown. We are looking forward to giving back to the community that has given us so much.”

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  1. WOW! So looking forward to your new location! JB and Jamie I’m sure you’ll do your folks proud.

  2. You have to have dinner! Those filet steaks are too awsome not to have a dinner menu. Brenham so badly needs this ASAP thank Goodness you all are coming. YEAH. Royers is the BEST the BEST place to eat!!!

  3. I know you will be successful. You have already made the right decision with building it OUT of Brenham city limits. By doing so; you will avoid the cumbersome planning approvals that have evolved in the past couple years in Brenham. Another bonus is you don’t have to pay the perpetually increasing city of Brenham property taxes. Congratulations on your new business venture.

    1. @Smooth Move: Agreed! I’ve heard horror stories from several people trying to start up inside the city limits . . . makes me wonder if Brenham wants any new businesses.

  4. Glad to hear that good news. We look forward to having Royers Cafe out here closer to Chappell Hill. They will get plenty of support from locals and tourists always are looking for restaurants out this way. I will have to make sure my friends and family in Houston know.

  5. What a great addition to Brenham. Welcome’ we love to support our local business… See you there soon.

  6. The best news I’ve heard since my results that I was cancer free!! Woohoo can’t wait! Awesome family & the best food ever!!! Love love love!!! I will be looking for that opening date…..

  7. We just enjoy Royer’s every time we eat
    Cutting on the 20 minutes drive will bring us more frequent.

    GOOD LUCK in the new location ??

  8. This is awesome news.. Finally a Decent Chicken fried steak in Brenham.. Best of luck to the Royer’s on what I know will be a success .. Cant wait…

  9. Big “Hell Yes” to bringing back that awesome chicken fried steak. I hated when it got removed. Looking forward to the new location.

    1. We hope to get there soon! It’s new to us to have both locations but we hope dinner will be available in due time!
      JB Royer

  10. We could use a place like that here in Burton but would like to have breakfast too!

  11. Just so we are clear, Round Top isn’t going anywhere! Can’t wait to share the cafe with Brenham!!! Many blessings!
    JB and Jamie Royer

        1. Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla (bbhv). Thanks for reminding me. On top of Royer’s Junkberry Pie! It’s just the happiest, best news I’ve had this year!

        1. Bud and Karen
          A long time patron of yours all the way back to great Gablers Electric days. please explain on you have nothing to do with it? thank you and God Bless


          1. To clarify…. JB & JAMIE are making this happen! WAY TOO COOL! VERY PROUD OF’M!!! WE ❤️ AND SUPPORT’M IN EVERYWAY POSSIBLE! And THANK YOU 4 SUPPORT OVER ALL THESE YEARS!!! Bud & Karen

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