Abigail Young

A Brenham woman, convicted and sentenced to 20 years in the death of her 4-year old daughter, could be paroled after serving nine years of her sentence.

In 2010, Abigail Young was found guilty of Injury to a Child by Omission.  Young’s boyfriend Lucas Coe was sentenced to life in prison for causing the death of 4-year old Emma Thompson.

Emma Thompson

According to the medical examiner, Thompson suffered 80 contusions, a fractured skull, a brain hemorrhage and a vaginal tear.  The autopsy also reports that before she died, she was hit in the abdomen by an “unknown object,” causing blunt force trauma that led to the 4-year old’s death.

In 2013, Emma's Law was passed.  It ensured that Young would not come up for parole every year. Instead the parole board could choose to review it every five years.  However, now because Young has served nearly half her sentence, she's eligible for yearly reviews.

Lucas Coe
(Washington Co. Jail)

The paternal family of Emma Thompson is fighting to keep Young behind bars.  Laurie Thompson, Emma’s grandmother says,  "That's a slap in the face to us as a family and to anyone who has suffered a loss like ours."

Andy Kahan, Director of Victims Services at Crime Stoppers, says “there’s no reason this should come up every year.”  He says the parole hearing is “a waste of everybody’s time.”

Kahan says he plans to start working to get another law passed to make sure more cases don't fall into the same loophole.


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  1. It hurts my heart to know what this child went through! May her precious souls finally find peace and love!

  2. there is no reason in the world that this woman should be up for parole or considered for release. Not only did she not TELL or PROTECT her daughter from this animal, she tried to HIDE what he had done. This baby had herpes and all kinds of injuries. The fact that this mother came from a comfortable home, was well educated (a registered nurse) makes it even worse. She had no reason to stay with this evil predator such as economic reasons, or afraid of having no where to go, she made a good living, had started a job at OUR hospital, since she was under investigation at that time, makes me wonder WHY and HOW she was able to be employed at our Trinity (in the Obstetrics/Nursery dept no less)…I hope she never sees the light of day as a free person again, and I wish they had thrown her UNDER the prison.

  3. This was such a horrible death of a innocent child. I just believe that she should have to serve her entire sentence for not protecting her child.

  4. For a mother to allow a monster like that anywhere near her child is unacceptable, plus this woman was a nurse who should have known better. There is no way she should be given parole.

  5. Why wasn’t there any information on how the locals can get involved in the process? I would like to speak out against this. That lady should not be allow to go free, she should have gotten same amount of time has he did.

  6. I’m sorry but I don’t think she deserves to be set free to walk on this earth.She was a nurse at the hospital and to allow that boyfriend of hers to sexually abuse her daughter as well as beat on her and not do anything to stop it she is just as much fault as he is.That poor Lil beautiful girl was not put on this Earth to be abused and have her young life taken from her so soon.Letting people like this out is like the grandmother said it’s like a slap in the face to the family that has lost a loved one like this one.May God continue to be with the family and lil Emma R.I.P.

  7. First of all, she should have received a life sentence for the role that she played in her daughter’s death. As a mother, her first priority should have been to make sure that sweet girl was protected and safe from harm. I pray that she does not get parole and that she never has another child. She is undeserving of the privilege to be a mother

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