Abigail Young (Washington Co. Jail)

The aunt of Emma Thompson says the child’s mother does not deserve to be paroled.

Amanda Mathews told the State Parole Board in Austin, Tuesday, that her sister, Abigail Young, deserves to remain behind bars for the full 20 years of her 2010 sentence for Injury to a Child by Omission.

Young and her boyfriend Lucas Coe were convicted for their roles in the violent death of Thompson in 2009.  Coe was sentenced to life in prison.

Emma Thompson

Mathews says she told the board, "There is no rehabilitation without remorse.  It's important for her to stay there for the protection of her surviving daughters and all of us that testified against her. She needs to serve her time.”

What Mathews discussed before the parole board is confidential, but she says it's important for the public to know the fight isn't over.

The parole board could have a decision on Young's parole eligibility as soon as August.

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  1. Standing behind you Auntie, a lot of people agree with you and this little angel in heaven deserves the voice she didn’t have while she was here on Earth! God bless you honey and prayers that she stays behind bars! She should have to stay there for a lot longer than the 20 years she got !!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Amanda has done an amazing job standing for justice for her niece, Emma. She has stood for what is right and I’m sure will continue to do so. Every child should have a champion like her in their corner!

  3. Her sister is right.What if it was your child would you let her out early? I bet why would you let her out early Emma was only a lil girl that shouldn’t have had to go through any of that horrible tragedy.And as her mother she should have protected her daughter and not try and hide what was happening for some low life man that she was dating.She’s lucky to have gotten what she got, because in my eyes she should be locked up for life.

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