The Brenham School Board received a number of updates at its regular monthly meeting Monday night.

Paul Aschenbeck, Assistant Superintendent of Operations

Board members heard from Assistant Superintendent of Operations Paul Aschenbeck about the special projects the district is looking into after receiving over $555,000 in Hurricane Harvey reimbursement. Aschenbeck followed up with the board on many of the items discussed at a workshop earlier this month.

Aschenbeck said some of the items mentioned at the workshop have been ordered, such as a new light board for the drama department, and new music stands and oboes for the band. Others, such as curriculum and instructional needs for the elementary schools, are currently being processed and will be ordered soon.

Aschenbeck said the district is still working on clarifying the scope of the proposed master facilities plan, and seeing how in-depth it would go districtwide.

Many of the items considered have received bids, such as new furniture in the junior high school cafeteria, new desks and library carpeting at the high school, new main gym flooring, and a new roof at the technology building and tax office.

Aschenbeck said administrators have given the go-ahead for lab table repairs at the high school, and will work on getting bids for new playground equipment at the middle school after pouring the concrete slab for the equipment.

Aschenbeck said he would shoot to get at least some of these projects done over the Christmas break.

The board also received an update on the STEAM Academy, which is in its second year of implementation at Brenham ISD elementary campuses. The STEAM teachers from Alton, Brenham, and Krause Elementary Schools spoke on the mission of the program, which focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.  The teachers also updated the board on what projects and lessons are currently being taught at each of the campuses.

Also in session, the board heard an update from Superintendent Dr. Walter Jackson, as well as updates on Instructional Technology and the Aspiring Leadership Academy.

The board then adjourned into executive session to discuss personnel matters. No action was taken.

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  1. “What Exactly was the Damage” The money is not from any damage to the school district This is from a House Bill ( I don’t remember the Number) that reimburses the school district for any property tax lost from property damaged in our district. Now with that I do not know of ANY lost taxes in our district that was caused by Harvey in fact I do believe all property values went UP there for more money was gained in the school district.

  2. “HURRICANE HARVEY REIMBURSEMENT PROJECTS: proclaims the headline, but in reading the list of items being purchased, I don’t see one word about the district actually spending this money on any damage related to Harvey, which I would be neglectful if I failed to ask exactly what damage did our district incur as a result of Harvey that amounted to over a half million dollars. I don’t recall an building damage to our schools, no buses damaged on flooded roads, or other infrastructure sustaining damage at this level. Why exactly was the district given this much tax payer money to spend on a wish list that would make Santa Claus blush! The more I learn and read about our current school administration and their spending habits, the more I question if we have the right people running our schools.

    1. Seriously? Instead of posting this on social media, why don’t you call the school district and ask! Washington County was considered one of the areas that was impacted by Harvey.

      Wasteful spending? Did you see what they are spending the money on? It’s mostly repairs!! Good grief. Get a life and stop complaining about things you don’t know about!

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