The Brenham Police Department is warning local citizens of false information being circulated.

A phony Facebook post has been found regarding the mobilization of the National Guard.

The post claimed that the Department of Homeland Security was preparing to mobilize the Guard around the United States to enforce a two-week quarantine for all citizens to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brenham Police are warning the public, this information is completely false.

The police go on to advice the public to be careful when sharing information via social media and to make sure the origin of the information is coming from a legitimate source – because if it is not, then it could cause unnecessary panic within the community.

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  1. People that go on FB to get their information on things,really need to get their heads examined. Sorry if the truth hurts !

  2. Someone I work with share that with me (I am not on Facebook). I immediately knew it was fake. There were some serious signs.
    – No letter head. Anything made in a letter format from an official source USUSALLY comes with an official letterhead.
    – Spelling, punctuation, grammar errors. Official documents, no matter the format, almost always have little to no spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors. This clearly had that throughout the body of the letter.
    – Formatting. Check the formatting of the letter. Most letters look exactly like a typical letter.
    – Source. While this says it is from the National Guard, they are usually not going to send information of the caliber to individuals and ask them to send it out for them. Information will almost always go out in a Press Release to be distributed throughout the country.

    Please use caution with information on any social media platform. This is what leads to dangerous situations.

    1. Mom, I back you up !00% on your content. Someone informed me yesterday about National Guard
      being called to Rogers, Bell county Tx and added that law enforcement was patrolling the town getting ppl to go indoors.I am not on FB either. Tha’ts probably where where the person speaking of Rogers got her info. God Bless. Let’s kick this COVID-19 in the boootay. There is a very similar
      notice posted in one of the entries under Stafford Act. Oh and yes it does say it is fake.

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