Faith Mission is lending a helping hand to seniors and workers that have been displaced due to COVID-19 with their utility bills and rent or mortgage payments.

Faith Mission Operations Director Lawrence Greer completes an online application for utility assistance.
(courtesy Rev. Randy Wells)

Starting today (Tuesday) through Friday, May 8th, Faith Mission will be providing utility and rent/mortgage assistance to displaced workers and seniors impacted by the coronavirus, through the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Disaster Program.

Faith Mission Executive Director Reverend Randy Wells thanked the Washington County community for its continued support and generosity during this crisis, and asked for its help for employees who have had their hours reduced or been laid off completely.

Rev. Wells said the COVID-19 Community Relief Fund has also provided Faith Mission with resources to provide to City of Brenham and Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative customers.  He said Faith Mission will provide assistance as long as there are funds available in this first phase of the relief effort.

Faith Mission CEO J.D. Young said he wants to reach out personally to any businesses who have had to shrink their labor force or reduce hours, in order to help maintain and strengthen local businesses.

The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program was initially established in 2015 as part of a collaboration between Faith Mission and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce to help businesses in the city and county that were adversely impacted by challenges stemming from the Blue Bell listeria recall and the large drop in oil prices.

Individuals needing help can call the Faith Mission COVID-19 Call Center at 1-800-845-8035, or the City of Brenham/Washington County COVID-19 Call Center at 979-337-8420.



  1. What I don’t understand is why the stimulus payments of $500 are going out to each dependent child 17 or under, but not to dependent elderly (a parent or other elder person that you are caring for).

    1. That is only correct if you or someone else has claimed that elderly or person you are caring for above 16 yrs old. Usually the elderly or senior citizen receives social security on a monthly basis so be thankful those funds are still available to help with needs.

      This first stimulus check effected several families that didn’t make sense in one way or another such as your comment and any child/student above 16 who is in college and also claimed by said parents will not qualify for the $500 extra but like I stated above let’s be thankful for any help because something is better then nothing in any situation!

      We went about our lives without this (free) money so continue that same mindset and there are jobs available if your struggling it’s up to you to get your hustle on! Don’t stand or sit with your hands out waiting for (free) benefits because that is only temporary and it’s easy to fall two steps backwards waiting when you could be three steps forward being more motivated in everything!

      Thanks to all Heath and frontline workers in our community that took the oath! You are the true Hero’s with Big Hearts!

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