Brenham Mayor Milton Tate (front, second from left) speaks on the progress being made with the Baker Katz shopping center project at a groundbreaking ceremony Monday. Next to Tate are Washington County Judge John Durrenberger (left), Baker Katz co-founder Kenneth Katz (second from right) and Arch-Con Senior Vice President Marc MacConnell.

A milestone years in the making was accomplished today (Monday) for the Baker Katz shopping center project in Brenham.

Representatives from the City of Brenham and Washington County met this morning with Baker Katz and Arch-Con Corporation, the contractor for the project, to break ground at the site.  The first wave of retailers for the shopping center was also revealed.

Confirmed for the shopping center are Marshalls, Hobby Lobby, PetSmart, Burkes Outlet and Five Below.  More retailers are expected to come, and as contracts are signed, Baker Katz and Arch-Con will notify the city as to who is coming.

Brenham Mayor Milton Tate said the project has been a long time coming, and is thrilled to see progress being made.



Various City of Brenham, Washington County, Baker Katz and Arch-Con representatives line up to break ground at the site of the Baker Katz shopping center project.

Washington County Judge John Durrenberger said it has been a collaborative effort between all parties involved to get this project off the ground, and expects the shopping center will add nicely to the city and county’s retail environment.



Five retailers have been confirmed for the shopping center: Marshalls, Hobby Lobby, PetSmart, Burkes Outlet and Five Below.

Work at the site, located on 35 acres of land at the intersection of Highway 290 and Chappell Hill Street, picked back up this winter after grinding to a halt for several months due to COVID-19 related delays.

The first stores in the shopping center are expected to open in the spring of 2022.

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  1. I have long thought IF Academy came to town, why wouldn’t they anchor development around 36 NORTH.
    Sporting Goods, fishing and camping Supplies, etc. Minutes from Firemen’s Park, Hohlt Park, Henderson Park,
    and on the way to Lake Somerville.
    Not to discount not add to traffic around 36 South and 290 Loop!!!

  2. What a waste of prime real estate. Hobby Lobby, PetSmart, Burkes Outlet and Five Below? Three junk stores and an overpriced dog food shop, that’s great. A Kroger and a Target would have been nice and would better serve the entire community.

    1. Kroger won’t come because they said our town has an embarrassing pay scale They will not start their workers off at the pay that Brenham pays U can thank Blue Bell for keeping our town pay down. They run off other businesses that believe in paying a decent amount that is required in our town but Blue Bell runs them off from coming here so they don’t have to up their pay. Same reason Buccees that ended up in Waller didn’t come to brenham like it was supposed to. I was born and raised here and know A LOT. Wake up folks. That’s how Brenham is run.

      1. Do tell.
        When and to whom did Kroger say this? Was it an executive from Boston or a bag boy from Cypress?
        How does Blue Bell run businesses out of town? Rocks through windows? Horse heads? Which businesses have they run out of town?
        Can’t just say you know a lot – excuse me – A LOT – and not dish.

      2. If you cannot pay was you want to pay your employees then we are not living in a free country, much less supporting your countrymen with a just wage as the politics of compassionate conservatism and progressivism would both support but from a different vantage. You need to back up your allegation and grow a backbone or you’re doing nothing but spreading a harmful rumor and just as bad was what you allege. I’ve heard this rumor before but its the same thing every time. Nothin.

      3. We need real change. Starting with our state representative our mayor and city council and our county commissioners

    2. Hobby Lobby is Awesome! What are you talking about? Petsmart ehhh, they are okay. An Academy is what we really need there with the Hobby Lobby. (In-n-out Burger or a Culvers would be nice as well)

    3. Lol then leave anything new in brenham is a big deal be happy with what you got or get out
      Signed- The City of Brenham

      1. That’s what’s wrong with us we fail to treat and talk to people like we want to be treated. You don’t have to be from here to have an opinion. Yes brenham is very self run and I have been here all of my life. Without love communication and patience and being led by followers and not leaders. This town and the people in it that continue to think like you there will always be strife,unnecessarily. Hell bound is for all who carry unforginess hatred killing. This used to be a small quiet little town but along the way something happened and it takes us all to turn it around . Love and respect God first and then yourself always.

  3. The City resolution stated “WHEREAS the development is anticipated to include a nationally known sports merchandising anchor opening in 2021 with additional shopping and dining opening by the end of 2021.” The announcement was for the first wave of retailers so Academy, Chick-Fil-A, and whatever else folks were wishing for ARE still possibilities. Unless you are heavily involved in the contract negotiations, the rest can be treated as rumors and hearsay. I could say Target, Kroger, Dick’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Chick-Fil-A are coming, but I also don’t have any involvement with the process. Now go spread that rumor folks!

      1. Knowing city management, probably. Ever since the transition with the EDF, they have gained more power. Talk for a long period of time was that Brookshire Brothers was going to move out at 290 and 36 whenever the interchange was completed. That’s at least 5-7 years down the road, but I don’t see why they would move. Many folks love H-E-B, but a Kroger would bring in serious competition that is greatly needed for our community.

  4. So, how many local contractors are they gonna use? Or are they gonna pull in cheap Houston bids?

  5. This is a Great start , I am sure that Other Great stores will be coming, This is wonderful for Brenham.

  6. Guess the usual Academy Sports and Outdoors with a Chick-fil-a rumor has been debunked again

    1. I heard academy was coming but COVID changed their outlook on news stores so they backed out of the deal. That is why they are lowering the one big pad they had built up so high back down as now their is no need for that large of retail space.

    2. Would love a chick fil a but they won’t be able to find enough good workers that are up to their ethics and standards. The employee prospects in this town are ridiculous. Nobody wants to work and when they do they are not up to par. That’s why I go to college station for everything I need. Don’t have that problem there!!

  7. We vote down low to middle income affordable housing, and then strike up the band for low income retail.

    1. Yes, Disconnect-ed
      Because retailers pay taxes. Low-income housing tenants do not. We want more contributions to our local economy not more who will drain.

      1. Those folks would pay sales tax on everything just like you and I. My understanding was that those homes weren’t section 8 housing, but geared toward the “working poor” who can’t afford the high housing costs in our fair city. If you think these businesses coming in and the developers are paying the same share of taxes as the other locally owned businesses you’re mistaken; they were wooed with tax deferrals and abatements and millions of local resources going to their infrastructure. Regardless that’s not really the point of my comment.

        Shouldn’t we aim higher for our land? That’s prime real estate, and we’re selling it to discount stores. $5 Below and Burke’s Outlet don’t prop up local economies any more than Dollar General. Casa Ole is some of the most expensive property with the best non-downtown location, and it sits empty. The old Hospice Boutique sits empty with a 10% higher value than Casa Ole, imagine the tax revenue that could be generated from 1/5 of the footprint. Brenham cannot create more dirt, we should use it efficiently and for the benefit of those with skin in the game. If you want more contributions to our local economy, we need to be encouraging small business, through economic policy, to continue growing and investing in the local economy.

        Slow, measured growth with stable, funded infrastructure is good, that’s what makes a strong town. Rapid, growth of cheap franchise retail and diverted infrastructure repair makes generic, weak suburbs.

      2. Wow! What an incredibly ignorant and misinformed comment. Residents of affordable housing pay taxes just like the rest of the community. Those residents are more than likely going to spend their money in the community they reside in. Further, for many affordable housing is a short term solution. And in case you have not noticed, affordable housing can be as nice as traditional Class A for that market.

    1. Thank you finally some positivity in this sea of upset adults acting like children

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