The Brenham School District’s COVID-19 response plan for the upcoming school year, highlights the agenda for Monday’s meeting of the Brenham School Board.

Jamie Woodall

The trustees will hear the annual student health advisory council report, from the Director of Health and Safety Jamie Woodall.

Woodall’s report will include the school’s COVID-19 response plan going forward with the 2021-22 school year.

Trustees will also discuss approval of implementing a bond planning committee and what the committee’s role will be.  The district is considering a bond for repairs, renovations or rebuilding the Brenham Junior High School.

The trustees will also hear monthly reports for new hires, resignation, retirees, financial report, investment report and bills paid.

The Brenham school board will meet Monday at 6 p.m. at the high school.

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  1. Ed Pothul an KWHI does not know what is going on!!! There was no agenda item about a “COVID-19 response plan” if y’all would take 5 minutes to research the board agenda, the only thing that was on there was a update on the student health advisory council which the school district started in 2006 and has been doing long before COVID . The SHAC committee accorded to the BISD website “will establish a plan for measuring implementation of the local wellness policy” and “Brenham Independent School District teaches children that eating healthy and being physically active everyday can be fun; the programs has proven that establishing healthy habits in childhood can promote behavior changes that carry into adulthood.” This has nothing to do with COVID. Shame on KWHI for trying stir the pot I would hope they can be the bigger person and issue a retraction on their story. Hopefully the public sees this commit and KWHI does moderate it for some reason.

  2. Mandatory vaccines for all faculty and staff. Don’t like it, find another line of work.

      1. No mot definitely not kidding. Teachers work with children who cannot be vaccinated. If some want to be stupid and selfish, go find a job that doesn’t put kids at risk.

        You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have in person school without some protocols for protection. It’s either vaccinations or masks. Pick one.

        1. Statistics would show you kids are not at risk and even Fauci’s private emails said that mask are useless. It’s the same as putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitoes.

          1. Frank, Just this last week, 23,000 children between the age of 10 and 20. were diagnosed with the Delta strain of Covid. Have you listened to any news reports on how quickly this is spreading?? Children ‘Are’ at risk !! , and are having to be hospitalized.

        2. Seriously? Fire folks who can’t take the jab too, and calling them “stupid and selfish”?

          The REALITY is we pass bugs and viruses all the time, not just covid.

          It’s more selfish to fire folks over not having a jab of a drug proven not as effective, has countless wise effects where many would rather chance covid, and we’ve seen folks still catch it.

          Masks have caused an UPTICK in strep and other infections too.

          Common sense needs to prevail. I read too much lack if it I go “did anyone pass first grade health” more often than not.

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