Residents are reporting problems at the Brenham Post Office.

The outdoor mailbox for the post office is currently damaged and cannot be used, as the front receiving end of the mailbox has fallen off.  Anyone needing to use the mailbox will instead need to go inside the building to send mail.

Customers have also reported the facility is having troubles with its air conditioning, with some saying it has not worked properly for several months.  Customers have expressed concern about the working conditions for the employees inside, who are using stationary fans in an attempt to keep cool.

KWHI directly called the post office, but was denied our request for information.  KWHI then reached out to the regional USPS communications office, and their response can be read below.

Full USPS Response:

The Postal Service takes the security of the mail very seriously, including for any receptacle in which customers deposit mail, such as a collection box.  Any time we are made aware of damage to our blue collection boxes, we take immediate steps to make repairs or provide a replacement box as quickly as possible. The box in question sustained damage and mail could not be securely deposited, so access was restricted, for the safety of our customers. In some cases, the timeframe for completion of repairs or replacement can depend on the current supply of new boxes. Local postal officials are aware and have taken the appropriate steps to address the situation. We anticipate having a replacement box very soon, in the same location. We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience that may have been experienced and appreciate their patience as we work to successfully resolve this matter. We remain committed to working with customers to ensure they have safe and secure mail receptacles.  Customers can also securely deposit outgoing mail in the lobby drop box of their local Post Office. Customers are reminded that if they suspect mail theft or vandalism of a collection box, they should immediately contact the USPS Inspection Service at 1-877-876-2455.

Regarding issues with the air conditioning, the Postal Service cares very much about the safety and well-being of all postal employees and customers. We apologize to our Brenham, TX customers and employees for any discomfort they may have experienced, due to the malfunctioning HVAC system. Local management is aware of the matter and is taking steps to ensure repairs are made as soon as possible. In the interim, we have installed temporary equipment to assist with cooling the facility. As with any such project, the Postal Service is following all applicable federal guidelines governing such work; however, a timeframe for completion of repairs has not been determined. We appreciate our customers’ and employees’ patience while we focus on resolving the issue.

Kanickewa “Nikki” Johnson

Strategic Communications Specialist Arkansas/Houston Districts

U.S. Postal Service Southern Area Corporate Communications

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  1. You know local people give them the business so maybe they should call one of our local AC companies. I am sure they would do a much better job at getting this under control. Need to find out the company they are using so comments could be directed to their
    website. They have been having problems with that AC system since it was installed several years ago. I am sure the Fed Gov gets only they best for the offices they maintain…………………………………………..yeah right!

  2. Customers have expressed concern about the working conditions for the employees inside, who are using stationary fans in an attempt to keep cool.

  3. The ac in the Rome post office is broken also , we ask the PM and he tells us its supposed to be repaired. Our fans are running also , we are told to speak highly of the Post Office ! Lol

  4. I’ve contacted our Congressman Michael McCaul about our post office. Let’s everybody email or call him. Website: https:// We’ll see if he gets anything done.

  5. We have to remember the Federal government runs the post office. So writing into the paper to complain will not accomplish much. Everyone should write to their US representative and US senator. Most likely the Feds control what goes on with the property.

  6. Does anyone actually know who is in charge of the upkeep of the building? Is local management of the post office? If so do they have a budget? Are they paid merits by keeping expenses, repairs to a minimum? Or is property owner responsible? Who has the copy of the lease? Are the blue mail receptacles still at Ace Hardware? Is the mail service still available there as well? If so, maybe some could start going there to help out on parking and give a little relief to the employees. This option would be for mailing, purchasing stamps. Not receiving mail.

  7. I understand AC problem going out, it could happen to any of us but this is ridiculous. this has been going on for months and patching up is far gone at past this point. the working conditions are miserable, they are already short handed with employees working long hours and now on top of this, HOT Conditions. This should be taken care of asap and not a temporary fix, just as they want their employees to show up for work. the employees demands should be heard.

  8. I agree. We have the worst post office facility for this city. Look at Burton and Round Top theirs are nice. You cannot even see the lines for parking at the Brenham Post Office. I have been asking them for years why no one paints the parking lines. People park all over the place. Not a very good image. I feel sorry for the employees with the ac not working, that is unsafe working conditions.

  9. Worst post office I have ever seen. Bad parking. For sure. Hard to believe they can not put another spare box out front or a least pick up the broken top.

    Little Belleville has a much nicer facility.

  10. This air conditioning problem is beyond acceptable for the employees having to work in this heat condition. Go into the post office and these ladies are red in the face, sweating and sometimes look like they may pass out. I think it is way past time for Brenham to get a new post office. I travel in the state and go through many small towns that have nice new post offices with plenty of parking. What is the problem with Brenham getting a decent place for these employees to work and the public a nice place to send and receive their mail!! A real nightmare if you are a handicapped person needing to mail something. I realize there are other boxes around to drop your mail at, but they are not drive up friendly. Hope KWHI can get some answers, because citizens calling the post office to inquire of the situation is USELESS!!!!

  11. Please be careful what you wish for. If the post office becomes a Brenham developer planner project, the project will take at least five years till we can mail a letter at the post office. Then higher property taxes too. Remember, the library took three years.

    1. “Remember, the library took three years.”

      Yes, and it’s now one of the BEST libraries in the area.

      1. Yes. Folks forget too that the only reason it took so long on the library was at least one hurricane and flooding/heavy rains that washed out some of the dirt work.

        They did it safe, right and it’s amazing. I miss it terribly since moving.

      2. Today is Tuesday July 20th 2021 and on my way home tonight I noticed the mailbox has been replaced. Before it was replaced it was a huge inconvenience. I am disabled and to try to find parking and then trying to get out just to go inside to mail a letter was ridiculous. I just found another mailbox in town to mail my letters from. My main concern was for the young lady’s working inside the post office. They were doing their best under the circumstances that they were having to deal with and they were all still very kind and working with a smile on their face and no complaints. I told them they should go home but they all said that they have to have a paycheck. How sad that the post office cannot give them a few days off with pay until the air conditioner is fixed. I was told by several young ladies working that the company that did come out to fix it was kind of just putting a Band-Aid on it and then it would break down in a couple of days.If that’s the case sounds like to me they need to get a new air conditioner company. The last time I was in there I was told they know knew what was wrong with it and they were waiting on the main guy to give approval for the part to be purchased and repaired. Well maybe he should come down and work in those conditions and I bet it gets fixed a lot faster. I bet the gentleman they were waiting on to make the decision to get the air conditioner fixed and the part paid for was sitting in a nice office with air conditioning. Those girls definitely need some type of bonus or something for putting up with what they did the last few days. They were absolutely amazing

  12. We’ve got the Taj Mahal of everything, except a decent post office, with actual parking. It’s ridiculous. But with the government in charge, is anybody surprised?

    1. Ask a local radio or print journalist to research who owns the property where the current post office is located. It is not owned by the federal government but rather by someone who leases it to the postal service.

      1. You don’t need a journalist to look that up. Washington County Appraisal District has that information and it is public. I looked it up myself. The property belongs to DeVille Partnership. Mailing address for the partnership is c/o A. R. Jones PO Box 37166 Haltom City , Texas 76117-8166. The agent is listed as Mark Krug.

    2. AC has not work for a month. It a shame the employees have got to work in A government building we AC company right here in out town they could have had it fixed it not for government bureaucracy all they do is climb the ladder but nothing get done ??

    3. I agree. We have the worst post office facility for this city. Look at Burton and Round Top theirs are nice. You cannot even see the lines for parking at the Brenham Post Office. I have been asking them for years why no one paints the parking lines. People park all over the place. Not a very good image. I feel sorry for the employees with the ac not working, that is unsafe working conditions.

    4. Every time I go to the post office, I feel bad for the employees there. The ladies at the front work so hard and it’s a shame that they can’t even have a functional AC! This town has needed a new post office for many years now.

      If a Blinn employee who never even goes to Blinn can make over 360000 a year, why can’t this town, at the very least, provide a proper work environment for those at the post office?!

    5. You nailed it. The outdoor receptacle has been damaged for over a week. Exactly how long does it take to remove and replace these boxes? Coupled with no parking, having elderly patrons hobble into the lobby…with no AC…and minimum personnel…is a poor example of customer service. But as you stated…the government is in charge…

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