The Washington County Appraisal District has certified the 2021 appraisal year.

Chief Appraiser Dyann White told the Appraisal District Board of Directors at its meeting Tuesday that the district has closed out 2021 values with the exception of 381 protests remaining.

White plans to release a report soon on certified appraisal data and an analysis of value change from last year to this year.

White also informed board members that she will present a report of appraisal review board results at their next meeting.  The report will list the number of settled protests, withdrawals, no-shows, approvals and denials.

In the only action item on the agenda, the board signed an audit engagement letter with Seidel Schroeder to perform the district’s 2020-21 annual audit.

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  1. Only 381 protests remain? How many were “resolved” and we would like to see the numbers of how many actually went in favor of the homeowner/landowner! Property taxes are and have been out of control around here for a while and the City and county just spend money like it’s no problem! Making it harder and harder for businesses and families to live here.

    1. True! The price of housing (rental as well) is also way out of control. A person can buy or build a nice two story home in Waller, Hempstead, Bellville, Navasota, Hockley and Cypress for less money than in Washington County and end up with a bigger better home. All that will be left in Brenham in the not so distant future will be Fisher and the usual old coots who are the source of this “keep Brenham small, hillbilly and backwoods”.

      1. You are misinformed. The only hillbilly, backwoods resident I can tell might be you, from your comments.
        Do you think by insulting an entire county you are proving your point?
        Washington County is the Birthplace of Texas. That, in itself, makes it a more desirable place to live, which makes certain things cost more.
        If you do not like it here, move. It sounds like you are much too high class for us dummies.
        I protested my taxes and they were lowered to less than last years values.
        If you had property to protest, you could have done the same. Just keep on insulting, that is what someone does when they have nothing else to offer.

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