The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) will soon stop paying Extended Benefits, following a drop in the state’s unemployment rate.

The TWC says extended assistance will continue through the week ending September 11th, after the U.S. Department of Labor notified the commission that the state’s unemployment rate fell below the 6.5 percent threshold required for the benefits.

According to the TWC, Extended Benefits by law are only available during periods of high state or national unemployment.  Texas triggered on to Extended Benefits in May 2020, but the state’s unemployment rate fell to 6.2 percent in July 2021.

Claimants currently receiving Extended Benefits may continue to receive them until the benefit week ending September 11th, as long as they remain eligible.  The TWC says they should continue to file payment requests and complete all Extended Benefits work search requirements to receive benefits through the end date.

The commission says it cannot pay Extended Benefits for benefit weeks after September 11th, even for claimants who have a balance on their claim.  Claimants receiving unemployment will not receive any additional unemployment benefits if they exhaust their regular benefits on or after September 11th.

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  1. Due to the high cost of living my 76 year old mother who partially disabled needs assistance! She was a nurse for over 50 years! The place where she worked closed down! So think she wearing all the big boy pants she needs!

  2. I’m a 55yr old female and I’m a “Blacksmith” my trade is that i do decorative and ornamental iron works… Please point me in the direction of “plenty of jobs out there!” Because all i get is “we’re not hiring or you will cause problems in the shop” how the heck am ‘i’ going to cause a problem when I’m wanting to work?? Oh get it right… Your employees old ladies will have a problem with a female in the shop with their cheating old men… I’ve driven across country in a 48′ flat bed 18 wheeler and I’ve owned my own business as a Blacksmith… I Can Not Find A Job in my field of expertise thank you very much! This is not a hand out at $112.00 a week!! Let me see you survive with a family on $112.00 per week because I was a business owner and the pandemic cost me my company. So i only receive the “minimum” allowed payments as an independent contractor/ business owner. You people know Nothing of what it means to be in NEED! Who do you think brings your groceries to your store? Supplies hospitals with their daily needs for patients? Brings gasoline to the station where you fill your car? Flips the switch for everyone to have electricity, water, cable or satellite TV, or maintains your cell phone providers towers?? We the bluecollar workers that you call LAZY! Getting handouts!?! Seriously… Clean off your own front porches before you start on someone else’s! And until You have actually done without or watched your family and friends do without… Shut up. And sit down and get ready to walk in my shoes for a week or 2.

    1. Actually I do.

      I worked odd jobs at a reduced rate as I searched.

      My last gap included childcare work at my church, odd jobs, waitstaff. Another gap I worked at an amusement park – less pay but the stiff I learned lead to my job today.

      I’m not ashamed saying these jobs on my resume, because I came out better snd stronger for it. Both hiring bosses I had respected that.

      Plus, I earned money and still could keep unemployment. (You can earn up to I believe 15%-25% of income and keep full unemployment, then it incrementally goes down).

      What unemployment base I did have was what you have – and in recent years, and STILL made ends meet. That included paying off 2 loans.(one ended up paid in full 9 years early in the end, other a month early).

      It was more total because I was doing some odd jobs.

      Should mention ZERO odd job directly tied into my full time career.

      MANY jobs now are offering on the job training.

      There may not be jobs specifically for your skill, but you can incorporate those skills into another job.

      Oh and if you can prove discrimination in hiring you can get help get them sued, with you a reward.

      And actually – no, those you listed aren’t getting handouts, as they’re working for it. That’s assistance, which I respect because they’re trying to improve their life.

      The ones getting handouts are those not trying to find something to get through it.

      Unemployment can be one or the other Joe one takes it.

      Therein lies the rub about jobs out there no one is filling… preferring the extra unemployment.

      It’s NOT a jobs issue…

      It’s a PRIDE issue – taking a job beneath oneself because it’s not their specialty.


    1. Due to the high cost of living my 76 year old mother who partially disabled needs assistance! She was a nurse for over 50 years! The place where she worked closed down! So think she wearing all the big boy pants she needs!

  4. I can’t believe that Texas is stopping payments when the pandemic is only getting worse. Not fair!!! Bet the crime rate goes up.

    1. The only thing getting worse is the level of laziness being created by continual free rides……Plenty of jobs to be had for those WILLING to work!!

    2. Life is not fair buddy! The free ride needs to stop. Plenty of jobs to be had. Go to work and quit whining..

    3. Hey, Barry Vacek- If anyone is worried about their unemployment checks drying up soon, I know of 4 open positions available in Brenham. LOTS of businesses are highering!
      Since my taxes are paying for others to stay home, I am thankful to see others get out and find jobs.

  5. The threshold for TWC Extended Benefits was 5%. This has been the case since extended benefits were triggered in Texas last year but, sometime after July 1, 2021, TWC changed the threshold to 6.5%. It still shows 5% in some places on their website.
    The unemployment rate in June 2021 was 6.5%. It appears the threshold to trigger extended benefits on/off was changed after July 2021 to remove people from receiving benefits.

    1. They need to kick them off. This has become another welfare system. Almost every business is advertising for help. Some shut down several days a week because they don’t have any workers. We can’t find products in the store because people are making too much on unemployment so they don’t want to work. They don’t want to work since the government is paying them to sit at home. Don’t believe me..ask business owners.
      Shutting down again will not stop the virus, it will only kill our economy.

      1. China was able to greatly reduce their population by creating incentives to not work. Their “planned economy” created one of the worst man-made disasters in history. Communism is the most deadly idea ever invented by man. Over 50 million killed in China by starvation due to Communism.

      2. Perhaps, and hear me out here, businesses could pay an amount of money that justifies individuals going to work at that business.

        1. I concur, if everyone wants a free market, this is what happens. The vast majority of these people have decided its not worth dealing with the hassles of retail and/or food service for a non-livable wage. Pay more, put people before profits and watch your business take off.

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