Gov. Greg Abbott

Governor Greg Abbott has issued an executive order restricting any entity in Texas from requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for any individual.

The order issued on Monday includes employees or consumers who object to being vaccinated “for any reason of personal conscience, based on a religious belief, or for medical reasons, including prior recovery from COVID-19.”

Abbott said the order will supersede any conflicting order issued by local officials in response to COVID-19.

Abbott also said he would add the issue to the agenda for legislators, who are nearing the conclusion of their third special session, which ends October 19th.

In a tweet announcing the order, Abbott said the vaccine is “safe, effective, and our best defense against the virus, but should always remain voluntary and never forced.”

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  1. Thank you for being a clear headed person. Republicans have gone too far in policing the people of our country. We are capable of governing ourselves on this issue. As long as we are free people, we don’t need politicans banning our constitutional rights and telling us how to manage our businesses. As far as Covid immunizations, we have had to follow shot requirements for our children for many many years. Why the fuss over trying to protect each other? Makes no sense to be selfish when we should work together for the good of all.

  2. Abbott knows this is unconstitutional and will be struck down at some point, which is why it’s all performative. This is the problem with abandoning all governing principles. Abbott now takes the position that many conservatives in that their policies are not governed by any distinct principles (i.e. markets, fiscal responsibility, etc.) but only by what the other side either likes or doesn’t like.

    For example, in recent days Abbott responded to a situation in California about mandatory toy organization in stores by saying that in Texas businesses should and will be able to decide how to arrange their stores. I agree with him, but the very same Abbott issues executive orders saying that businesses cannot decide how to run their business when it comes to the safety of their customers, their own safety, or preferences. This is not governing on consistent principles, it’s letting the other side determine your policies. If the other side likes it, I am against it. If the other side is against it, I am for it. This is what leads to these contradictions. It’s not leading. It is pretending to do the job of governing without real consequences because you can just tailor your policy preferences to whatever riles up your side agains the other.

    Sadly, this is what the conservative movement has become and it is getting worse. This country needs two functioning and disciplined and serious political parties to function properly and sadly it only has one now. The Republican Party is no longer a serious party concerned with governing and getting results. (Now I could also go on and on about the dysfunction of Democrats, but that’s not the topic of this post.) Our elected leaders seem to think their only job is riling up the base and making crap posts on twitter and Facebook to get likes and stir up anger. From Ted Cruz on down to state reps, they are not governing.

  3. Does this mean that the parents of school age children WILL ALSO NOT BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE PROOF OF VACCINATIONS to local school districts? Why are school districts allowed to MANDATE proof of vaccination before permitting parents to register their children. Maybe the dictator in Austin should issue another executive order.

    1. Parents in Texas have always had the option to exempt their kids from vaccines for various reasons. How does ensuring personal choice make him a dictator?

  4. I was okay with it when the Republican Party was the party that said that a Christian bakery had the right to decide whether it wanted to bake wedding cakes for same-sex wedding ceremonies. I mean, I’ve got nothing against homosexuals but the owners of a private business should have the right to take or refuse customers based on the owners’ best judgment and their sense of morality. Their hand should not be forced. And that’s why I’m not okay with this. A business owner should decide about vaccination or masking requirements because it’s their business and it’s their right. Customers and employees can decide for themselves whether to patronize or work for those businesses. That’s also their right and besides which the free market will provide for all! The Republican Party used to be the party of free enterprise, capitalism, and the defense of individual rights. It was never perfect, but that’s what it stood for and you knew who to vote for if you wanted more limited government rather than less. I’ll vote for any reasonable primary challenger to Abbott, Patrick, Paxton, or Miller. If that challenger doesn’t win, I really sincerely have had enough and I will vote for any Democrat to unseat any of them.

    1. Your argument is built on a false equivalency. The bakery incident you cited dealt with a private business choosing not to provide his services with a patron because the business owner objected to the request on a moral basis. Mandating a vaccine as a condition of employment affects the relationship between employer and employee. Now, if the Christian baker fired his employee because he found out the employee was homosexual, that would be a clear act of discrimination and shouldn’t be tolerated. Firing an unvaccinated employee is an act of discrimination.

    2. Because you think the Democrats will stand up for your individual rights and the rights of individuals and businesses to decide what’s best for themselves? How about you just don’t vote instead?

    3. I don’t see what you have a problem with. The governor just signed an order protecting individual rights. He is putting the individual above federal and corporate mandates. That sounds like freedom and the conservative values I vote for. Large corporations, the Democrat Party, and the media are quickly becoming one massive entity that seeks to secure power and reshape our country into one that only benefits the ones in power. A corporation should be free to do business within the scope of the law with as few uneccessary regulations as possible. When a corporation demands you inject yourself with chemicals, even against your moral or religious objections, that corporation has overstepped its authority. Thank you Governor Abbott for standing up for the people.

    1. Masks simply put do not work. My city the cases of strep skyrocketed until masks were not required.

      The vaccine is ineffective clearly, and studies are showing a higher breakthrough rate than liked.

      I’m partially, soon to be fully vaccinated. Have no choice if o want to race in Tennessee.

      Felt bad first shot; I worry the second as for many it’s worse.

      But it’s my choice of that or gamble the test isn’t faulty and I get a false positive.

      But the real lack of care is in the lack of common sense of folks thinking we’re not passing or catching this virus when wearing masks.

    2. Freedom Buddy. Read about it.
      The vaccine is only good for 6 months, a little more.
      Go and get more shots. Walgreens is waiting.
      I have had the Covid-19, got better, had a blood test, have immunities.

      I will get another test in 3 months.
      Why would everyone need a vaccine?

      Riddle me this.

  5. Thank you governor! I always thought we would never be forced to take any medication we didn’t agree with or think we needed, but this, they want to hold you down against your will and give it to you. Something is wrong here, but we clearly know that.

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