City of Brenham gas utility customers can expect to see an increase in their gas charges this month.

In a release this (Wednesday) morning, the city said October bills will reflect rate increases to the customer charge and the distribution charge.

In the past, customers saw a Gas Cost Adjustment (GCA) credit because the purchase price for the gas supply was less than the city’s commodity charge of $5.35 per one thousand cubic feet (mcf).

The city said the price of natural gas has risen drastically since April, so customers will now see a GCA as an additional charge, rather than a credit, because the purchase price for the gas supply is more than the city’s commodity charge.

City officials point to limited natural gas supplies, low natural gas inventories and increased demand ahead of winter as the main drivers of this increase.

The GCA charge will begin on this month’s utility billing cycle.

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  1. Maybe Biden should not have closed the pipeline. That may have something to with the supply issue.

  2. City officials can point to their list of reasons for this increase until the next ice age. But every Texan with the slightest brain activity knows we are paying for the failures of our state government oversights and the corporations in the business of selling natural gas to generating companies for these increases. It is public record that the gas producers did not winterize their field production equipment, and neither did the power generating companies. So we, the end users who provide millions in profits for these businesses get to pay the bill for their inexcusable failures. It should also be said that it is also a matter of public record that these same gas producers give generously to state leadership. Again, we get what we vote for.

    1. We knew it would increase one day. But so sad is we are going to get the “Bla Bla Bla” that travels around and our our City Utilities or Public Works tell us AFTER they’ve decided our billing.

    2. “It should also be said that it is also a matter of public record that these same gas producers give generously to state leadership.” Even though the link posted below is from early August, and the amounts given to politicians has grown tremendously since then, it gives you an idea of how energy companies manipulate the market, politicians, and part of the economy of states. As well, the fact that the general public was told that ERCOT and other entities were to be “set straight”, nothing such as that was placed into the text of the bill, and so what happened may well happen again. On a political note, I do not support one party over another, but instead look at each candidate and their platform. The sad part is that over the last 15 years or so, persons voting have no way to effectively convey their concerns to their representatives in government, and there is no clear platform set forth by candidates; instead constituents vote for a candidate that has views similar to theirs. While some may say this amounts to the same thing, if 70% of a legislator’s constituents want something, and their representative does not, then he or she will likely not vote in favor of the constituents, which is a direct contradiction to our representative form of government. It would be interesting if a checklist of major topics in contention in government were published, and all legislators had to indicate whether they were ‘for’ or ‘against’ that topic (or where they stood on that) and the list be published. It would certainly give the voting populace something to refer to after the election and at the next one.

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