The arrival of Thanksgiving means the holidays are officially here, and the Brenham Fire Department wants to make sure families do everything they can to avoid an accident and an emergency phone call.

Interim Fire Chief Roger Williams says being mindful while in the kitchen during Thanksgiving is extremely important.  Preventative steps to take include turning the handles of pots or pans on the stove away from the edge, avoiding wearing loose clothing or jewelry, and—above all—keeping a close eye on anything cooking.

For anyone who is cooking a deep-fried turkey, Williams says they need to be properly thawed out.



There are also precautions to take once Thanksgiving dinner is complete and the Christmas decorations start going up.  Those include making sure lights are correctly rated for indoor or outdoor use, avoiding overloading breakers or circuits, inspecting fire alarms and fireplaces, and ultimately being aware of any potential fire hazards.

Williams says anyone using live Christmas trees needs to ensure they have a lot of water.



Anyone who experiences an accident or a fire should call the fire department or other emergency responders as quickly as possible.

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  1. Good reminder. That is exactly what the Fire Chief told everyone last year. Practically, word for word. Thanks for the update.

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