Josh Tutt (courtesy photo)

A Burleson County man has announced he is entering the race for Texas Senate District 18 on the Democrat ballot.

29 year old Josh Tutt has filed for the seat currently held by Brenham Republican Lois Kolkhorst in Senate District 18.  Tutt, a seven generation Texan, lives on a vineyard in Burleson County with his husband Rick.  Tutt says community leaders in the District urged him to enter the race against Kolkhorst so she would have a Democrat opponent.  His platform focuses on rural infrastructure, environmental stewardship and climate justice, affordable health care, voting rights and election integrity, and criminal justice reform.  Tutt says he believes in responsible gun ownership, but thinks the permitless carry bill, sponsored by Kolkhorst, took things too far and made Texas less safe for everyone.

Texas Senate District 18 includes Washington, Burleson, Lee, Austin, Fayette and Waller counties, and stretches south all the way to the coast.  Lois Kolkhorst has represented the District since 2014.

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    1. Agreed. Same people in the same office and I have seen nothing that they have done for us. I could be mistaken, however I feel it’s time for a little change

  1. I am happy to have other another party to join the race. I believe that Texas is too one sided for it’s own good. We need a more check and balance here. If this state stay’s so heavy GOP, I’m afraid of it becoming too much like a Dictatorship. Both sides need to be heard and some give and take needs to happen to helps see everyone point of view. We can’t all have what we want, however it makes life a little happier if we all gat a little something.

  2. A Democrat and one who is a member of the ‘alternative lifestyle’ sect will likely stand no chance of winning in this area. However, with the added influx of out of staters coming to Texas, and Texans being willing to take their money and sell their land to them, he’s young enough that in 10 or 15 years, he may gain a position in the government.

    His stance on the permitless carry that went into effect September 1st will also doom him to failure, although in the 3 months since, the crime rate in Texas major cities has not declined, and even in Washington County I have not read or heard of anyone with a handgun stopping a crime and saving some innocent victim or themselves. Have there been arrests for persons illegally having a weapon, certainly. Are they being sentenced fully to the five years they could get under the same law that allows permitless carry, certainly not.

    If nothing else, two candidates vying for the same office and coming from different parties does fulfill what our founding fathers set forth in our representative democratic government; the outcome will be up to the voters.

    1. What exactly does ‘alternative lifestyle sect’ mean? I’m assume you have the internet, but do you know that the rest of the geographically-close-to-you world has progressed to a point where being gay isn’t “alternative” as though it’s a choice?

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