Carolyn Miller addresses the Brenham City Council on Thursday after being selected as the new city manager.

The City of Brenham has chosen its new city manager and fire chief.

The Brenham City Council voted unanimously today (Thursday) after just over an hour in executive session to appoint Carolyn Miller as full-time city manager.  Miller had been serving in the role on an interim basis since September 23rd, after the council terminated the contract of former city manager James Fisher.

Miller said she loves serving this community and is thrilled to have the opportunity to lead it into the future.



Newly named Brenham Fire Chief Roger Williams speaks to the Brenham City Council on Thursday.

Miller started her career at the city in 2005 and was named assistant city manager in 2015.  Her annual salary will be $166,000, and she will have an auto allowance of $9,000.

Mayor Milton Tate said Miller has the full backing of the council, and that it looks forward to working with her in the coming years.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of today’s meeting, Miller announced that Roger Williams would be named full-time fire chief after serving as the interim chief since October 4th.  Williams was the second interim chief, the first being Rhea Cooper, to serve after the firing of Ricky Boeker in April.

Williams thanked the city for embracing him and said he looks forward to the future they have together.



Williams began working at the fire department in 2019 as the interim fire marshal, becoming full-time fire marshal and assistant fire chief in 2020.

Following the meeting, councilmembers and city staff gathered outside the council chambers for a reception to congratulate and welcome Miller and Williams into their new roles.

Also at today’s meeting, the council:

  • Moved to have an addendum to the city’s memorandum of understanding with the Brenham Main Street Historical Preservation, Inc. for operation of The Barnhill Center be extended until July 1st. The agreement, which was set to expire January 31st, will offer reimbursement of interest-only payments made by the Historical Preservation on the existing loan covering The Barnhill Center in a total amount not to exceed $18,000.
  • Discussed economic development negotiations in executive session with a business prospect the city seeks to have locate in Brenham.
  • Consulted with the city attorney in executive session regarding City of Brenham v. WTG Gas Marketing, Inc.; Cause No. 37573; 335th Judicial District Court, Washington County.
  • Approved a specific use permit for a car wash at 1413 West Main Street. Todd and Tyson Felder are seeking to build a 24/7 automated car wash at the location, formerly the site of the auto detailing business, Executive Hand Car Wash.  Per the conditions set out by the Brenham Planning and Zoning Commission upon its approval of the item, the car wash must be built with the dryers or blowers within the car wash bay structure and have noise-lessening cones attached.  It must also place the automated entrance machine or teller underneath a canopy, use hooded and downcast lighting, and submit a landscaping and screening plan that conforms to the city’s landscaping and bufferyard requirements.
  • Accepted a bid from Mobile Solid Solutions for $87,000 for sludge removal and digester thickener cleaning at the city’s wastewater treatment plant.
  • Reviewed the Fiscal Year 2020-21 fourth quarter financial report.
Retiring Brenham Fire Department volunteer Karl Goessler (right) receives recognition for 35 years of service.
John Schulze (right) is retiring after 33 years of volunteer service with the Brenham Fire Department.
Kenneth Neumann (right) is retiring after 30 years of volunteer service with the Brenham Fire Department.
Retiring Brenham Fire Department volunteer Robert Aguilar (right) is recognized for 12 years of service.
Joe Merkley (right) is recognized for 20 years of service with the Brenham Police Department.
Rhye Moschak (right) is presented a plaque commemorating five years of service with the Brenham Fire Department.
Chase Jones (right) is recognized for five years of service with the Brenham Fire Department.
Joe Hinds (right) receives recognition for five years with the Brenham Fire Department.
Rolondo Arroyo (right) is recognized for five years of service with the city's Information Technology department.
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