The Brenham City Council has terminated the contract of City Manager James Fisher, effective immediately.

The employment agreement of Brenham City Manager James Fisher was terminated, effective immediately, at Thursday's Brenham City Council meeting.

After three hours in executive session today (Thursday), the council voted 5-2 to terminate Fisher’s employment agreement with the city.  Mayor Milton Tate and Councilmember Albert Wright voted against the action.

The council did not elaborate on the reason for the decision upon making its motion, which was made by Mayor Pro Tem Clint Kolby and seconded by Councilmember Adonna Saunders.  When spoken to after the meeting, Mayor Tate declined comment.

Fisher’s contract was set to expire on January 10, 2022, after the council extended it for one year in October 2020.

Fisher was appointed as Brenham’s city manager in January 2018 to replace the retiring Terry Roberts, who served 17 years in the position.  Fisher was city manager in Forney, Texas before arriving in Brenham.

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  1. Hope you get know her well. She will be with you for a long time. By the way, her name is KARMA. You set this city way back but I have hopes that the wrong can be undone

  2. Thank you Mr. Fisher for all that you have done for the Fire Service in Brenham and Washington county you will be missed.

  3. Well, Brenham better get ready to write him a nice six- figure check- he didn’t leave Forney without a big payout. He’s gonna make some bank from the City of Brenham and Texas Municipal League! Problem is that’s just one of many high dollar expenses from the Fisher regime.

  4. Great Decision… Long overdue. However city Council is the ones that got him here . you now have a chance to redeem yourself and do proper vetting of candidates.

  5. It is like I said before. It is time to get rid of the city manager style government. We need to have a full time major and council. Plus we need to pay council and mayor more. That way other than retired workers can serve. Like the members of the county government.

    1. Agree.
      We ELECT the mayor and council………TO MANAGE the city business.
      A middle layer dilutes voter control.
      And then if those elected people are good ole’ boy or lady locals and not resume builders or
      “city management builders” (aka city controls (maybe not manages) that’s even better.

  6. Thank you!!! This guy has been a dark cloud over Brenham from the day he came in.
    Now get someone from with in, or do it yourself, maybe if the upper Brenham staff was younger, they could do it??? I think Ricky is still looking for a job, and what a better way to make things right with a long time Brenham employee that the city owns a lot to.???
    Please hire from within!!! Someone here can do the job,
    They can’t do any worse that this guy did!
    Agin thank you for stepping up and doing what you were elected to do!

  7. LONG OVERDUE. Thank you to the five council members that voted to terminate him. This man has not been beneficial to our city from day one and has caused major turmoil. Good riddance to you….

  8. UNSEAT Mayor Milton Tate and Councilmember Albert Wright. Do not forget these two names. Time for the people to speak up.

  9. Hahahahahahaha, Hahahahahahaha!
    That is great! He was not what he was supposed to be.
    Let us hope that the next person can be a little bit better.
    The problem will always be the old guard, that is here, and will be here for some time. They do good, as well as bad, but the Brenham, Good -ol- Boy network, is the main issue.
    It will be nice to see something different, but I doubt it.
    Let us hope for a positive change that will promote betterment for Brenham, and the Citizens.
    At least that guy is out!

    1. Ms.Cantey,

      He lied to you while you were on Council, he lied to his employees and he lied to the citizens. He IS a LIAR. Good city employees left or retired early because they would NO longer work for him. Their ethics meant more to them than working for a crooked, arrogant, egotistical so called man who spoke down to the female employees.

    2. What are you talking about???? This should have been done over a year ago… Besides didn’t you have a hand in this mess and you stepped down when you knew you would be beat in the election??

    3. While I respect your opinion, I must say I disagree.

      Anyone who knows what went on behind the scenes knows that this guy thought he was King and didn’t have to answer to anyone including elected (by the citizens) officials.

      Don’t worry, he had the Mayor fooled as well.

    4. You and the rest of the old council that is now mostly gone must have lost their sense of smell a long time ago. His failure rest in those that hired him.

    5. No! Of course you’re on his side, you got him here. You are not from Brenham so it doesn’t bother you to have someone from the outside running things!
      For the last 10 years Brenham has been anti business, anti small town, anti hometown. Miss using the hotel tax, the city budget, making decisions that effect the tax payers, with out asking them (trash service, dog pound)
      Then he fires a well respected city employee in his driveway?
      He never should have been here.

    6. MS Cantey Your Reply shows just how out of touch you are with whats going on in Brenham, You were a part of the choice to Hire Mr Fischer so some of the blame for what he has done to the city of Brenham Falls on you, after all if you all had truly vetted him and looked at his past performance as a manager you would have seen he has been fired before because he was not a Good manager . So some of this is on you

    7. Many may state, Prayers Answered! Thank you for the Leadership, May Our Five Council members continue to look @ the Wisdom, Strength, & Positive Pathways to a Much Richer Environment!

  10. Just wondering how does he feel NOW !!!

    As my memory recalls didn’t he do that to someone here in town recently…guess he is just as FIRED up as perhaps the individual he got rid of, right? No pun intended…

    But Karma, did come back and bit you in the rear end, didn’t it FISHER!!!

    You have caused SO SO much destruction to our city ! Glad your done, now do us all a favor – move out of town, and don’t go looking for another city to manage, you just destroy it!

    Bye now !!! Tate and Wright go retire, we are tire of you too !!!!

    Thanks City Council Members and Clint Kolby that made the right decisions !!!

  11. Hats off to the 5…this town can do better!!! Hope they go outside of the mainstream resources of city mangers. Don’t hire somebody already connected to big controlling government.

  12. Dumpster fire. Train wreck. Disastrous mishandling of community matters. Deaf to citizens’ concerns. Iron fisted. And these are the polite descriptions of his three year reign. Don’t let the door knob hit you where the Good Lord split you, Mr. Fisher.

  13. Time will tell…….
    Now let’s hope we can get another that will stand up to the good ole boy club and do what needs to be done! Funny, that’s what is wanted till it’s actually done!
    Let’s hope there is no backward slide…….

    1. Backward slide? Have you paid attention to all the B.S that has happened under Mr. Fischer’s reign? I know it could happen but it would be highly doubtful!

  14. And the reign of terror is over. Now you know the two that need to go. Maybe we can salvage what little is left of our airport now.

      1. I think that Tate and Write need to go and probably will with the good people of Brenham that have good sense. These two are like tyvines that grow in the woods or garden and choke or disrupt everything else around it. I would like to see Ricky back and either Mayor or city manager. Now wouldn’t that be karma!

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