The owner of the Brenham Municipal Airport’s Fixed Base Operator (FBO) says he is discontinuing full services at the airport.

Brent Nedbalek, owner of Aviators Plus, said in an email Thursday night to city officials and airport stakeholders that the company “has been forced to discontinue its full FBO operations”, including full-service aircraft fueling and ramp services.

In the email, Nedbalek said Aviators Plus has attempted to negotiate with the city for FBO services to the public, but blamed the city for an “inability or willingness” to see terms necessary to support the airport and the FBO to provide those services.  He said continuing full operations at the airport, as a result, were “no longer economically viable.”

Nedbalek wrote that the decision “is the result of substantial efforts over the last several years with careful consideration.”

Despite the plans to stop providing full services, Nedbalek said Aviators Plus “remains committed to its substantial investment in the Brenham Airport and the community and looks forward to its continued role as an employer, taxpayer and major tenant at the Brenham Municipal Airport.”  He added that the FBO “remains committed to providing quality services to its customers and aviation growth.”

Nedbalek’s email does not say when the FBO intends to halt full operations.  KWHI called the main phone number of Aviators Plus to attempt to contact Nedbalek for clarification.  A phone message says the self-serve fuel tanks are available at midfield, but full service is currently out.  KWHI has also called a second phone number listed on the Aviators Plus website.

There are four fuel tanks on the ramp at the airport.  According to Development Services Director Stephanie Doland, two of the tanks, which were previously used by Southern Flyer FBO operators Jack and Janet Hess, are owned by the city.  The other two are owned by Aviators Plus.

Doland said in an email to city and airport officials this past Saturday that the airport “is a priority of the city” and that it “will continue to be diligent in ensuring that the needs of the airport are met.”  She also noted that additional fuel options are “well underway.”

The Brenham City Council is set to discuss several items related to the airport at a special meeting Monday at 10:30 a.m. at Brenham City Hall.  On the agenda are the possible purchase, delivery and installation of a new fuel farm, including two aviation-grade fuel tanks and associated equipment; expressing official intent to reimburse certain costs related to improvement; an agreement with an interim professional services firm for an interim airport manager; and an agreement for airport management consulting services.  Doland told KWHI these items are part of a “proactive approach by the city to reestablish fuel sales at the airport in a safe way.”

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  1. If the city takes over the fuel prices will sky rocket which means less GA traffic, which means less fuel being sold. Look at FTP now!!

    1. It is never good when the City Takes over anything…. Bureaucracy is never an improvement in these situations! I know a lot of people who will fly to other airports just to top off and then fly 5 to 30 miles back to their base to park. Where I live, 3 Airports close by… There is is a 58 Cent cost difference. Pump in 40 Gallons to top off and you will see a $23.20 difference and that all adds up over time… As expensive as flying is, every penny counts. For me it is less than a 10 minute flight. Stop in to top off after finish flying and then use about 2 gallon to get back to home base! It is a real no brainer!

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