Brittney Brooks, left, mother of SaRyia Moore, 1, visits with Dr. Jessie Yester, a pediatric cardiology fellow at Texas Children’s Hospital, at a check-up appointment following SaRyia’s recent heart transplant. SaRyia was the hospital’s 2,000th solid organ transplant overall — milestones that very few centers have ever achieved, demonstrating the breadth of experience that translated into saving SaRyia’s life. Photo credit: Texas Children's Hospital

A milestone transplant at Texas Children’s Hospital has saved the life of a Brenham infant.

Brittney Brooks was 20 weeks pregnant with her third daughter, SaRiya, when her obstetrician referred her to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Group at Texas Children’s Hospital’s Pavilion for Women.

It was discovered that SaRiya had an aneurysm in her left ventricle, that was enlarging her heart, and preventing it from pumping properly.

After SaRiya was born in December 2020, it was determined that she needed a heart transplant.

It took nearly a year later, but Brooks finally received the call that her baby’s new heart had arrived.

The transplant surgery was successful.

According to new released data from the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, SaRiya ended up being the Texas Children’s Hospital’s 2,000th  Organ Transplant. They also surpassed 500 heart transplants.

1 year old SaRiya is now back at home with Brooks, as well as her two older sisters, 16 year old Brenajah and 11 year old Bre’Niyah.

According to Brooks, other than just a small scar on her chest, no one would ever know just how sick her baby had been, and how close she was to losing her life.

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  1. Texas Children’s Hospital does amazing things. Glad to see this. God’s Prayers

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