The Washington County Appraisal District will soon be sending out notices of appraised value to property owners, and the chief appraiser says residents can expect their values to increase.

Notices of value will be generated for every taxable property in the county, and are expected to be mailed out in mid- to late May.  Most of last year’s notices were mailed on May 14th.

Chief Appraiser Dyann White said in a press release that while property owners should expect value increases, her office cannot predict what the final effect on taxes will be.  That is because higher appraisals can cause local tax rates to go down, as revenue increases over the percentage allowed by Texas Property Tax Code and bond elections require a vote by the public.

White also expects that after the May 7th constitutional amendment election, the homestead exemption will be raised from $25,000 to $40,000 and that tax freezes will be adjusted downward.

Alvin Lankford, president of the Texas Association of Appraisal Districts, said the increase in what a person owes in property taxes is unlikely to be proportional to the increase in home values.  That includes factors such as a 10 percent cap on the amount the assessed value can go up for properties with a homestead exemption.  He said there are also additional protections for homeowners over 65, disabled individuals and disabled veterans.

State law requires appraisal districts to appraise property at its market value.  The Texas Comptroller’s Office performs audits to ensure that appraised values are fair and accurate.  Appraisal districts are not responsible for setting the tax rate.  Appraisal districts must follow the law, state regulations and actual sales data when making value determinations.



  1. What a shock! House gets older, more worn, all surrounding homes are aging and fading as well, but somehow all are increasing in value. Tell them ill take cash today for it because they are the ONLY people on the planet putting that high of a number on it. They have it already twice the market value, which should be illegal or something …its just lovely to be a 7th(or more) generation resident of Brenham and Washington County and about to be taxed right out of my home! Between the ridiculous utilities and taxes only those wealthy big city transplants can afford to live here….but im kinda guessing thats the goal….GREED is not a good look and remember, Britain had a problem of over taxing because of greed as well and we know where that got them….

  2. I was always lead to believe that you work hard pay your bills and save some $$$$ for an emergency!

    Was 22yr old when I bought my house. Paid it off by the time I was 26! Two jobs, was divorced and had a deadbeat beat dad that NEVER pId $ 1 in child support for two kids!

    I rented for the 1st two years at $450 when I purchased payments went down to $376.00 total cost in ’87 34k. Over 35 years ago!

    Today value is better than 200k!
    This years tax rate will cause me to have about a $300-350.00 dollar average monthly payment for TAXES !

    That is what I paid 35 years ago as a morgatage payment!

    It is definitely time to sell, if not my property may go up on au tion block ! Cost of living is outrageous, and Washington County rates are way to high. However I am planning to put up for sale sigh up Tuesday next week. Currently still a Washington county resident, I will TRY to save our families that cannot afford these taxes by voting NO today at courthouse annex location !

    By the way I really am no longer to save for emergencies, may have to file for food stamps and live in public assistance housing if I remain here! So glad to say, SO LONG BRENHAM, hope these people understand how their taxes have affected your lives. They will not continue to affect mine !

  3. Well then that also means higher taxes! Seems like a broken record for the people barely scraping by and doing the best they can!

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