Update @ 7 a.m. Wednesday: At least 19 children and two adults have died after a shooting Tuesday at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

Police walk near Robb Elementary School following a shooting, Tuesday, May 24, 2022, in Uvalde, Texas. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)AP

Governor Greg Abbott said the shooter, identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos of Uvalde, is deceased.  Authorities believe he was killed by responding officers.

Authorities said the incident began before noon when Ramos, who was reportedly a student at Uvalde High School, shot his grandmother before crashing a vehicle near the school.  Abbott said Ramos, armed with a handgun and possibly a rifle, entered the building and “horrifically” and “incomprehensibly” opened fire.

Robb Elementary School has an enrollment of just under 600 students.  The city of Uvalde is located about 85 miles west of San Antonio.

Abbott said Tuesday’s events are “a horrific tragedy that cannot be tolerated in the state of Texas.”  The White House said President Joe Biden has offered Abbott his assistance and ordered flags to be flown at half-staff.


Original Story @ 5 p.m. Tuesday: Fourteen students and a teacher have died after a shooting this (Tuesday) afternoon at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

Governor Greg Abbott said the 18-year-old gunman “horrifically” and “incomprehensibly” shot and killed 14 students and a teacher at the school, which is located about 85 miles west of San Antonio and has an enrollment of just under 600 students.

Abbott said the shooter is deceased, and that authorities believe he was killed by responding officers.

The shooter, identified by Abbott as Salvador Ramos, was armed with a handgun and possibly a rifle.  According to Abbott, Ramos, who was reportedly a student at Uvalde High School, shot his grandmother before opening fire at the elementary school.

Uvalde Memorial Hospital had said it received 13 children for treatment, while three others were transferred or pending transfer to San Antonio.  University Health in San Antonio said it received one child and one adult.

Two responding officers were also shot, but Abbott said they are expected to recover.

Uvalde Consolidated ISD reported an active shooter at the school around noon, and placed all campuses on lockdown as a result.

The district said the city’s civic center was being used as a reunification center.

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  1. Want to make a change? Three things can make a change. Looks look at when this all began. It started 30 years ago. So what are these three things….violent video games, the internet, & social media. Kids quit playing with kids and parents encouraged it. The violent video games occupy their time & acclimate their thoughts….something I like to term “the free babysitter syndrome”. They could put an axe in someone’s forehead, spew blood, & shoot them multiple times with an array of weapons before they hit the ground. Then the internet arrived and for a short time is was fine. Today there is way too much information on the internet and people are not mentally capable of processing & responsibly analyzing that much info…..most of which is researched in a destructive way by those addicted to the internet and social media. Which brings us to the third….social media. People no longer talk to people. They isolate themselves, entertain themselves, and create virtual relationships. This is not the way mankind was meant to exist and it shows when someone self destructs in these senseless acts. Want change ? Yes I’ll say it…get rid of violent video games, the internet, & social media. Learn how to return to God, ride a bike, and skip a rock across a pond.

    1. I had the same thought as to what has changed since I was in school long ago.
      Also, I believe that maybe a tiny fraction of a percent of the population even think of doing this, much less attempting it, although that could still be a lot of people nationwide. It seems like the profile is the neglected awkward loner that no one bothered to give the time of day…social media, etc is there to encourage bad thoughts and actions.

    2. Amen Ron, I agree with your post but I would add that we need to make it known that if someone is feeling this way it is OK to reach out to school counselors, officials, your parents but that these counselors, officials, and parents would act upon the feelings and get the child help. Also I do not agree with the cops killing him, why didnt we shoot him, question him to no end, make him suffer, and give him a harsh life ending – treat him like he treated those innocent people. Too, when it comes to court time out justice system is too “feel sorry for”. If I see so and so not get “in trouble” what makes me not want to do a similar thing? These shootings seem to be happening to the “little” schools. My child attends Burton and alot of the teachers carry, the doors are locked all the time, they installed gates, yes you can get through them in the morning and after school but how can you limit that?, but these schools that still allow anyone to walk through the door is uncalled for. You can never say that wouldnt happen to my town bc nowadays crazies are everywhere!
      The innocent children that will forever be horrified by this tragic are the ones I feel HORRIBLE for!
      God please bless those families who lost their loved one, those kids suffering, those innocent kids and staff, God Bless everyone!! AMEN <3

  2. It is tolerated in the state of Texas. He continues to support outdated 1776 “rights,” gun manufacturers/lobbyists and, as it seems, legislation to hand out assault weapons to 18 year olds. Absolutely no beer, but here’s a gun. Don’t children and teachers have the right to go to school and come home? He will talk a good talk during an election year and then do absolutely nothing. Parents don’t want your sincere condolences and prayers. They want their children alive! They protect the lives of unborn children but not the ones already here. These children had to lie on a dirty school floor for hours because they were now a piece of evidence at a crime scene instead of in their parent’s arms. These politicians who won’t protect our children are scared of the very people they are giving these guns to. Quit worrying about money and votes and do something to really show you care about the people, all people.

  3. Bic should restrict lighter sales because they’re so dangerous when criminals use them rather than law abiding citizens

    1. Your logic is about at stale as Abbott’s promise to do something and that we can’t “tolerate” this stuff any more. We ARE tolerating it because a handful of people can’t muster up the courage to make meaningful changes.
      I don’t think we’d be mourning 19 children and two teachers if this “crazy” kid had managed to get into the school with – horrors! – a Bic lighter. But you go ahead and keep missing the point, because “by gawdddd nobody is gonna take my gun!”

      1. First you’ll make fun of people that don’t want you to come after our 2nd amendment right then you’ll come after our speech, which has begun by the way. The founding fathers were so far ahead of their time they predicted people like you and your thought processes. I’m pretty sure you won’t be coming after the speech part because the one your coming after now will allow us to protect that one as well.

  4. Sadly, there has been another school shooting. Abbott said Tuesday;s events are a “horrific tragedy that cannot be tolerated in the state of Texas”. Unfortunately, we are tolerating such tragedies while those who are positioned to lead this state offer us NOTHING but empty political rhetoric. Texas now has the distinction of being the state with the most mass shootings and the worst school shooting; all under Greg Abbott’s watch. Perhaps, our lawmakers should stop prostituting themselves to the NRA and propose practical public policies so we can curb the flow of guns made available to crazy, racist, mentally disturbed and drug addicted individuals. Think of those 19 innocent 7, 8 and 9 year olds who were murdered while sitting in a school classroom. Now, close your eyes and think what if one of those 19 children was your child, grandchild, nephew, niece or other family member. Would you want a PR statement from local, state or federal politicians or a STRATEGY to prevent such tragedies from happening so frequently in this nation? Ahhh, let us return to our “normal” in a few days. The GOP will blame the Democrats, conservatives will point the finger of blame on liberals, some will figure that the lone occupant of the White House should solve the problem ALL BY HIMSELF and others will choose to change nothing and do nothing but stick their heads in the sand. The war in Ukraine is a prime example! Rather than put a bullet between the eyes of Putin, the world would rather allow innocent mothers, children, fathers (civilians) to die! Should not one man die to save an entire nation? Road rage, school shootings, increased crime & violence in our communities and the love of power increasingly becoming greater than the power of love. And all SOME political prostitutes in Austin and Washington can think of is “critical race theory” and replacement theory”! WE ARE DOOMED; ANNIE GET YOUR GUNS! These are the beginning of our sorrows. Stay tuned; there is more coming and the educated are too ignorant to understand why!

    1. Crazy people do crazy things. With a gun, car, lighter, knife.
      I would bet that this young man had many issues growing up as a kid that were never addressed.
      If he had no gun, he would have done it with a car, or something else.
      Sick. It is not the guns fault.
      It is his. Politics should gave nothing to do with it.
      It is terrible, period.
      I have 4 kids and could not imagine this happening to them.
      It breaks my heart. But what can you do to stop crazy???

      1. Politics provides the permission for or prohibits permission from doing, as you say, crazy things. People can think racist things; but, cannot say them to others without consequences because of politics. People, it would appear, can kill anyone they want to; but, cannot do so because of race, religion or gender because of politics. The reason people read your posts and shake their heads in unbelief instead of stringing you up between two trees is because of politics. Politics has everything to do with what is allowed or not allowed by a so called civilized society. That is a good thing for many.

        1. The fact that the operators allowed you to post your drivel is beyond me.
          String me up between two trees? That sounds like a violation of the posting rules , and a threat on my person. It also shows your true feelings towards a different opinon sir. Maybe you should look in the mirror the next time you call names.
          I think you have some deep rooted issues to deal with first.

      2. You’re a psychologist now? Some say your posts are crazy. Not sure if that is the same as saying you are crazy. We can deduce from your post that this nation should do nothing about school shootings. Just sit and watch because society cannot nor should not stop people from doing what they want to do. Your post is contradictory and confusing. Please clarify!

        1. I do not understand what you are saying at all.
          Are you talking to me, or to everyone in general?
          My posts are my opinion, and spot on most of the time.
          They are short, and to the point, most of the time.

          It seems that you think more words equal the truth.
          Not so. Where is the information about this young man’s Mom or Dad?
          His record as a student?
          My guess it is not good, and that is why you do not hear about it, because he was Hispanic and that would be “racist”, right?
          Normal people do not shoot their Grandma and then kill a bunch of kids.
          Should the age of buying a high powered rifle be 18?
          Probably not. 21 would be better. For that mater, unless you are in the service, you shouldn’t be able to vote or own a gun until you are 21, at least. Bit let’s blame the gun, the Governor, not the person and his family.

            Free Speech. Posted here or/and elsewhere it is a Constitutional right! The shooter in Buffalo, NY was a crazed looking white teen aged boy!
            No, it is not racist to report race. Just racist to ASSUME one person’s act represents the sum total of an entire race.

    2. Chicago’s gun laws are the strictest in the country and they each weekend have more people shot than the single school shooting in texas

    3. The very same people that celebrate abortion are sad for these children that were murdered….really. I guess they wanted the choice …

    4. People have to accept the fact the criminal element rejoices when the braindead politicians start the gun control propaganda, criminals are wise enough to know that laws are no deterrent to their objective but make it more dangerous for the law-abiding citizen.
      The fact that this tragedy would most likely not have occurred had the criminal not gained access to the interior of the school.
      The fact that a teacher propped the door open for reasons unknown at this time and left the door ajar then departing the area of said door thus allowing the shooter access shortly thereafter.
      There were many mistakes made , some site lack of leadership, lack of training, lack of resources , and above all complacency which is prevalent in rural areas .
      Had the shooter not been allowed access to the interior of the school we would most likely be having a different conversation .

  5. Horrible. Also this school received 10 million in covid money but couldn’t hire a school resource employee ( a school cop) priorities should be protection of the children at school.

    1. Robb Elementary had an armed security guard on campus at the time of the shooting. The armed security guard was the 1st person to engage the shooter, who, by the way, was wearing body armor.

      1. Ever wonder how a high school drop out living with his grandmother and no job buys 2 Ar15s , magazines , 300 rounds of 223, a pistol (illegal cause he’s 18) and body armor???
        5k at least….

      2. This evening the DPS reported that after further investigation the shooter was not engaged by an officer as he entered the school. It appears early news reports were not correct. I wish someone had been there that could have made an immediate impact.

      3. We are always so quick to believe whatever “facts” are out there. When indeed the armed school guard was not the first to engage, and he was not wearing actual “body armor”. We all need to wait until ALL the facts come out. In the meantime, let’s keep all the families and friends of everyone involved in our thoughts and prayers.

    1. The tone of these post points to the main problem…we have abandoned The Love of God. It’s been replaced by the love of all things Worldly. We spew hate in all sorts of directions and don’t love each other. I do not know the details of this young man. But I wonder if this would have happened if he was a part of a complete loving, caring, Godly family…who shared time with each other everyday, who went to Church regularly, who prayed together, who visited with like thinking friends and neighbors, who showed this young man all his life how much he was loved. I’m not judging anyone here…I’m just saying far too many kids grow not knowing love. I’m going to keep praying and thanking God for the blessings he gives us…and I’m going to practice love.

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