A big audience packed the Washington County Expo Event Center Friday night for the 2022 Washington County 4-H Family Night and Awards Banquet.

This year’s theme was, “And the award goes to…”

Multiple awards and scholarships were handed out as part of the evening’s festivities.

The Friend of 4-H Award went to the Washington Animal Clinic. Dr. Peter Wunderlich accepted the award on behalf of the clinic.

(from left) Nancy Wunderlich, Dr. Peter Wunderlich, Dr. Kris Wunderlich

The 4-H Family of the Year went to the Saunders Family, while the 4-H Alumni of the Year went to Courtney Mason.

T., Eli and Stacy Saunders
Courtney Mason

The Rookie of the Year was awarded to Olivia Fuchs, while Hunter Janner was the winner of the Bronze Star Award.

Olivia Fuchs
Hunter Janner

The Silver Star Awards were given out to Calvin Wunderlich, Logan Boeker, and Mallory Winkelmann.

(from left) Logan Boeker, Calvin Wunderlich, Mallory Winkelmann

Meanwhile, Madison Moran, Eli Saunders, and Dawson Rudloff received the Workhorse Awards.

(from left) Eli Saunders, Madison Moran (accepted by her brother, Dawson Moran), Dawson Rudloff

The “I Dare You” Awards went to Addison Schramme, Audrey Smith, and Dalton Winkelmann.

(from left) Addison Schramm, Dalton Winkelmann, Audrey Schmidt

The Gold Star Award winners were Katie Mikolajchak, Weston Hinze, and Waylon Hinze.

(from left) Waylon Hinze, Katie Mikolajchak, Weston Hinze

Katie Mikolajchak was also the winner of the La Nell Seeker Memorial 4-H Scholarship.

The Gideon Lincecum Master Naturalist Scholarship was given to Keely Mikolajchak.

The Bluebonnet Master Gardner Association handed out four scholarships to Eli Saunders, Waylon Hinze, Weston Hinze, and Keely Mikolajchak.

The Extension Education Association Scholarships went to Keely Mikolajchak and Eli Saunders.

(from left) Waylon Hinze, Eli Saunders, Katie Mikolajchak, Kenley Mikolajchak, Weston Hinze

They also announced the new Washington County 4-H Council Officers.  They are President Madison Moran, 1st Vice President Dalton Winkelmann, 2nd Vice President Dawson Rudloff, 3rd Vice President McKenzie Tiemann, Secretary Audrey Schmidt, Treasurer Logan Mason, Reporter Calvin Wunderlich, Parliamentarian Kord Mikolajchak, and District Delegates Hailey Niemeyer and Matthew Phillips.

Newly elected and installed Washington County 4-H Council members
(front row, from left) Haylie Niemeyer, McKenzie Tiemann, Madison Moran, Audrey Schmidt
(back row) Dalton Winkelmann, Kord Mikolajchak, Dawson Rudloff, Logan Mason, Calvin Wunderlich, Matthew Phillips

In addition to that, the Washington County 4-H Parent Association Officers were named.  They are President Crystal Mikolajchak, Vice President Marissa Rudloff, Secretary Karen Schomburg, Treasurer Pam Zibilski, and Reporter Christy Moran.

(from left) Waylon Hinze, Dawson Rudloff, Eli Saunders, Kenley Mikolajchak, Madison Moran, Keely Mikolajchak, Katie Mikolajchak, Weston Hinze, Dalton Winkelmann
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