The Brenham School Board heard a report from the bond committee at their meeting at noon Tuesday.  Missy Robinson told the board that community polling done by the committee revealed that the public wants a multi proposition bond this time, the overall price must be lower, they were in favor of grades 6, 7, and 8 going to the new Junior High School, and to save money, but do not cut corners.  She said the committee is recommending that the bond be split in two parts, with Proposition A being for a new Junior High School for $111 million and Proposition B for a new CTE building and current CTE remodel for $25 million.  She reveals how the price of the Proposition A was reduced from $118 to $111 million:


Superintendent Dr. Tylor Chaplin reiterated that the building may lose some of the grand entrances, but overall it is a very functional campus.  Robinson also said that the bond committee decided to leave off the safety and security items and the title 9 concerns because the school board is already taking action on those projects.  The recommendation will now be an action item at the next board meeting on Monday, August 15th.  The board will then decide if to call a bond election for November.

In other action, the board approved a proposal for a laptop refresh at Brenham Middle School.

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  1. I would like to see the complete survey results to answers of all questions asked . Is that possible ?

    1. Yes, just go to BISD website and download / print a Freedom of Information Act Request Form stating you want complete results of the survey. Return the form to BISD and you will receive that information. BTW you can receive a ton of info about BISD thru this process.

      1. What is the big secret??? Why cannot the results just be published to the public????I Are they just trying to hide something?

  2. The highest tax bill we have is BISD in Washington County and you want more money with a new and improved version on the same proposition that was already defeated. New is not always better best try encouragement,engineering,and enforcement in managing the staff and the properties you are in charge of and stop begging for a bail out for you own incompetence. We do need something done at the JR. Hi correct but it has to be done without raising taxes to the point you get shut down at the polls again.

  3. Where are the results from the survey? There were a lot of different questions beside the building a new JR High school. We the taxpayers paid for the survey and we have the right to see the results for all questions and not just they were in favor of it.

  4. The amounts of these bonds are outrageous. Adjusted for inflation, the bonds for the current high school, Brenham Elementary, Alton Elementary, and the middle school remodel all add up to around $96.3 million. We can’t build ONE school now for less than $100 million? I will be voting no again.

  5. Can you give specific breakdowns on why a new school, or repairing the school we have, should cost more than $20,000,000? I’ve seen several $4,000,000 buildings that would be more than capable of being a school.. Are you trying to make each wall, door, floor, and ceiling bulletproof? There’s far better methods of protecting a school. Don’t you know the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun? It’s a good guy with a gun.

    1. That theory of a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun was proven wrong at Robb Elementary in Uvalde on May 24. 20+ law enforcement officers on site for over an hour failed to enter the room where the shooter was and take him out at the expense of many lives. My Lord where in the world have you been? This has been all over the news

      1. But do you know what is NOT all over the news? The numerous instances of the good guy with the gun stopping the bad guy. It happens more often than the school shootings do but most people will never hear it because it doesn’t fit the liberal media’s gun control narrative, there for the mainstream media won’t run the story.

        I don’t know why there was no immediate action by law enforcement at Robb and I am just as disgusted with it as everyone else, but if people were to start getting the news from sources other than the legacy media or The View, you’d find that there is an entirely different side to the narrative they are trying to spin.

        Information is power, which is exactly why they want to control the flow of information – so they can control you. Arm yourself with all of the information you can gather and use your head to decide what’s best for you, not what someone else thinks is best for you.

  6. Still an incredible amount of money!!! We are at the brink of destruction people!!! Can we possibly find a way to give taxpayers a little breather? Don’t throw the “you don’t care about the children” stuff at me. I know facilities can be maintained if the money is used where it is needed. The problem with our children’s education is not fixed by 100 million dollar buildings…that problem comes from decades of moral decline and a culture that thinks they’re all victims and don’t have to abide by rules. This conversation can go on for pages but we can’t afford this expense now…

    1. Please take the time to go visit the junior high next time they have a bond election and you will understand why they cannot just repair this building. I am assuming you moved to Brenham and did not go to school there 25 years ago when we it needed to be replaced then.

      1. Yes I went the junior high when it was a high school. If the school district would have a good maintenance program to take care of our tax dollars we would not need to build a new one. I guess next year we need another school building because it was taken care again.

      2. In the questionnaire link that people filled out, it did ask if people wanted the building demolished or repaired and used for something else. So seems to me, not everything has been considered. I am a Brenhamite and went to that Jr high as a student. I also noticed how maintenance employees didn’t actually work while on the clock so therefore, negligence is a factor. Kids watch everything.

      3. If it needed repair 25 yrs ago…why was nothing done for 25 yrs? Or maybe there was’s just a lot of money still!

      4. If it needed repairs 25 yrs ago.. why were repairs not done during those 25 yrs so we are not faced with this dilemma now? I’m all for doing what’s best for our children and teachers so don’t come at me with’s just a lot of money and the timing is terrible with our current economy. My two cents for what it worth. Have a great day!

      5. More than 20 years ago, the BJHS building problems were studied by engineers and soil studies were done. It was determined that beams and columns in the building were shifting as the foundation shifted because of highly plastic soil that was not identified in the original soil analysis prior to building the school. They also found that the interior walls were not originally designed to be load bearing and a space was to be allowed at the top of each wall. However, during construction, the walls were grouted to the beams making them load bearing if the beams shifted. They determined that the building was safe at that time and made recommendations to extend its life. Several bulging walls were replaced, a french drain was installed around the foundation of the building to eliminate as much water as possible to help stabalize the foundation, the roof was replaced and sloped to eliminate the weight of water ponding on the roof in sinking areas. The repairs were to extend the life of the building, but it would eventually need replacement due to the shifting foundation in the highly plastic soil found at the foundation level.
        Having a good foundation is the key to the longevity of any building. The BJHS building does not have one.

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