Cub Quarterback Rylan Wooten gets ready to have his picture taken at Media Day (Photo by Doug Brown)

The Brenham Cub Football team wrapped up their first full week of practices for the upcoming season with Media Day at Cub Stadium on Saturday morning.

Players and cheerleaders each got their individual pictures taken inside the Field House, and then moved outside to take the group photos.

As a special treat, the players also got to take photos with their moms, who were in attendance today (Saturday).

Practices began this Monday for the Cubs.  Brenham got to wait the extra week due to previously taking part in Spring Football. Coach Danny Youngs discussed how the first week of practices went for the Cubs.

Cubs taking part in Midnight Madness (photo courtesy of Rebecca Marshall)

The Cubs also took part in "Midnight Madness," a Varsity and JV inter-squad scrimmage later Friday/early Saturday, prior to getting ready for Media Day.

Youngs said he felt "Midnight Madness" went well, but there is still more to be done.


Youngs added that they enjoy days like Media Day in which not only do the kids get their picture taken, but they get to relax a little bit too.

The Cubs will scrimmage Cy Park on Friday, August 19, at 7pm at Cub Stadium.  The regular season opens on Friday, August 26, at 7pm at Oak Ridge. All the Cub games can be heard live on KWHI 1280AM, 101.7FM, and



  1. People complaining about black, but never said anything when grey got incorporated into jerseys for other sports. Baseball seemed to make a pretty good playoff run last season in black and grey jerseys. No complaining then. A tradition that should NEVER change is fan and community support for our youth. Thank you Booster Club for supporting Brenham Athletics!

  2. Well I hope three TRADITIONS do NOT change. One, the Cub football team has not had a losing season since 1998. Two, the Cubs have not failed to make the playoffs since 2003. The Cubs have never lost on Hall of Honor night since it was formed in 1999. Brenham Cub football teams have been extremely talented some years and had just average talent in other years. But all of the teams have been resilient, hardworking, and very well coached. Only time will tell………
    And before you think about responding with “we have a new coach and it takes time for him to put in his system”, let me remind you that Coach Eliot Allen’s first two teams advanced to the regional semifinals. Go Cubs!!!!!

  3. I read somewhere that the Booster Club paid for the black uniforms. My question is, what does the Booster Club pay for when it comes to cheer? How about some support for those athletes?

    1. The Brenham Booster Club supports all sports within Brenham ISD for Jr High and High school. Each sport – including Cheer – send us requests for help with items outside their budget. In most cases we are able to help them. Each Coach or Sponsor knows how to contact the Booster Board. Most athletic groups do a fundraiser for themselves as well. Please consider coming to a Booster Meeting and see who and what we are.

  4. I remember when Earl Campbell got drafted by the Oilers they told him they were sorry they couldn’t get him the Jersey #20 the one Earl wore at UT. His response was I never saw were a a Jersey scored a touchdown. This is 2022. Brenham is so far behind other schools when it comes to change. You don’t have to get rid of Kelly Green and White. But add something new . Its about the kids and supporting them not some old outdated tradition that these kids today could care less about. Get Real.

  5. Thank you “Unbelievable” for your comment! These are the new ‘black out’ uniforms that will be used for just that – a Black Out Game later this season. They were also not purchased by the Athletics Department but by others who support the Football players. There will also be Black Out shirts for the students and adult fans to purchase for said game. The new Green and new White uniforms have been order but have not arrived yet. Please be understanding of our and YOUR athletes!!! This is just like the other sports … a special use uniform … much like the camo jersey that Baseball uses. We are NOT straying from tradition – we know that Kelly Green and White is the school colors ….. and the Varsity boys will be in those for majority of the season.

      1. The ‘black out’ game will be similar to when they do a ‘pink out’ game for Breast Cancer Awareness or a Maroon Out game at A&M … everyone it the stands are encouraged to wear the same thing to show the stands as all one color. There will also be a pink out football game that happens the week that Volleyball does their game. Just a fun way to show the athletes that they fans are supporting them. The student section – for years – have had a theme for each home game. That is why you would see all the students in neon one game and Hawaiian shirts at another and then Halloween costumes, etc.

  6. Kelly Green and White have been, are, and will always be Brenham Cub colors!! In the words of the late Dr.Stark…..Save your Black for funerals!!

    1. Did you ask why volleyball, basketball, baseball, and softball have black uniforms? They have green and white uniforms also they choice the black ones for picture day. It is not that big of deal.

      1. All school districts have different uniforms for different games. Why be petty and attack the team on the uniform color. We should be wishing them to have a great season with all that is going on in the world. Too much negativity

    2. This is 2022. We are allowed to change and add in new things FOR OUR KIDS. You can keep traditions AND add in new fun things. The athletes that will be wearing them on their actual bodies love them. They are proud of them. Every other team sport has a black uniform. Our green uniforms aren’t in yet. We are praying they get here by the first home game. I would love it if we could just support our Brenham kids. Thanks!

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