Sammy Mallard
(Grimes Co. Jail)

A Navasota man was arrested early Monday morning after a chase that police say reached speeds of 130 mph.

Around midnight Monday, Navasota police observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and running a red light at the intersection of Washington Avenue and LaSalle Street.

Officers attempted a traffic stop, but the suspect fled south on Business 6.  The vehicle entered Highway 6 southbound and continued to evade officers.

Navasota police requested assistance from other agencies and Hempstead police set up spikes on Highway 6.  The vehicle struck the spikes and the pursuit ended.

The driver, 19-year-old Sammy Mallard, was taken into custody and charged with Evading in a Motor Vehicle and Reckless Driving.



  1. Most newer vehicles today have a speed limiter built into the vehicle limited to 100 MPH because of the radial tires. What kinda vehicle was a nineteen year old driving to go 130 MPH and why was spikes used for someone driving that fast? Glad no one was injured or killed. That’s why auto insurance is so expensive for those under 25 years of age and they generally can’t afford insurance on vehicles that go very fast.

    1. hey steve I THINK YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT THAT SPEED LIMITER I HAVE A 2019 Tundra that I have had it up to 120mph

    2. He was probably driving a older vehicle since as you noted he’s only 19 and a older sports car will easily go 130 MPH

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