Brenham police are investigating after the remains of a human fetus were discovered Sunday afternoon at Hohlt Park.

A news release from the Brenham Police Department said officers were dispatched to the park around 4:45 p.m. to meet with potential witnesses who called about suspicious circumstances. 

According to Police Chief Ron Parker, the witnesses reported seeing at least two people who were believed to be teenagers, one of them holding a shovel.  The subjects were walking to the parking lot after emerging from the woods.  One witness reported their behavior and demeanor was concerning, which prompted the call to police.

Police searched the area and located a shallow grave where they found the remains, which Parker said were extremely small in size and undeveloped.

Police detectives and crime scene investigators responded and established a perimeter.  Washington County Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Dane Houston was summoned to the scene.  The fetus has been sent to the Fort Bend County Medical Examiners’ office for an autopsy.

Parker said it is not known whether this was a self-induced abortion or a miscarriage. 

Evidence at the scene is being collected and processed for the investigation, which is active and ongoing.  Additional witnesses are being interviewed.

Police are still looking for the people who are connected to the incident.

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  1. It’s really sad when the others can be so judgemental. We don’t know their circumstances & reasons behind their actions. They did seek help and care from the hospital. Compassion should be shown especially when a mother has lost a baby in any type of way. Prayers are needed, not judgment.

  2. I agree with you. I find it ironic how it is so easy for others to be judged mental. We don’t know what the circumstances were. Pray for them, show compassion. If the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn’t you want compassion no matter what or how things happened.

  3. Could have spent the money given to the City Manager for her raise on some cameras for sure! It’s obviously not a priority to the people that can make this happen at all.

  4. Anymore reporting to report? Update on the baby buried in Hohlt Park? Have the police located the two people that buried it? Please keep the public informed. We have a right to know. I walk in that park and now I feel weird.

    1. I heard that the two came forward and didn’t realize what they did was wrong. She had a miscarriage and went to the hospital and was allowed to take the fetus for burial they did not have the means for a proper burial.

      1. Wouldn’t it be nice if a local funeral home would reach out to this couple and provide them with a proper burial option; they have suffered enough.

  5. Security cameras or more frequent on foot patrol needs to happen back there. It has been an issue since I was in school of kids going back there to participate in illegal activity. Do something Brenham, be better for our whole community that does enjoy the nature trail.

  6. Please don’t judge these girls. We don’t know the reason behind the mothers choice. I think it’s very sad. Maybe this was her only choice. We don’t all live in a perfect world. Hope she can get medical care. God Bless.

    1. You always have a choice. I hope she gets the medical care she needs also, but I don’t think this was an only choice.

    2. I agree. As a healthcare provider we hear stories a lot where these young girls don’t even know they are pregnant and deliver a stillborn on the toilet. And you’re right- we do not anything about this case, this girl/lady, or her home life. I pray she gets the help she needs because this is tragic, none the less.

  7. This should have been done already, but I’m hoping this will now wake up the Brenham City Counsel to either remove the bridge and no longer allow access to the nature trail back there, or at least install security cameras since there are several crimes continuously happening back there…

    1. Oh stop it. I swear Brenham is full of a bunch of judgmental, holier than thou, self righteous humans with zero regard for what others may be going through. Crimes? Crimes will happen regardless.

      1. Thank God someone said it. Could not agree more. No one on this earth has a right to judge!

    2. What else has happened back there? This is the first one I’ve heard of. How terribly sad…

    3. Really? Now you want to take away nature trails? And remove the bridge? You do know that’s not the only way to get back there, right?

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