Award winners who were recognized for their 2022
tourism efforts include (front row) Keith and Suzy
Hankins, Ant Street Inn; Steph Jarvis, Texas Cotton
Gin Museum; Jean Shoup, Antique Rose Emporium;
Tiffany Howard, Glamfetti; Jennifer Simpson, Floyd’s
Lounge; Kathleen Anderson, The Grand Leader
Project; and Cherie Moore, Grapevine on Main;
(back row) Austin Taylor, Mitzi Schoppe, Jenny Van
Dorf and Brooke Trahar, Texas Arts and Music
Festival; Mike Shoup, Antique Rose Emporium; Mark
Renn, Pioneer Smokehouse & Mercantile; Pete
Simpson, Floyd’s Lounge; and Jared Anderson, The
Grand Leader Project.
Not pictured are Kolton King and Margarita
Rodriguez, Chapelton Vineyards.
(courtesy Visit Brenham)

Washington County businesses and organizations were recognized recently for their work in impacting tourism in the community.

The Visit Brenham/Washington County Destination Marketing Organization held an awards party to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of local tourism partners. 

Awards presented at the event include (award descriptions courtesy Visit Brenham):

Local Love Award – Tiffany Howard, Glamfetti

From the minute this business owner came to town, she jumped right in and embodied the true meaning of community. Her storefront isn’t even open yet, but that hasn’t stopped her from offering her services for a variety of local events while partnering with local businesses to bring the party everywhere she goes. You have seen her immaculate decor all around town and we can’t wait until her pink and white building is open for business! We are truly lucky she chose to open her storefront here in Downtown Brenham. Congratulations to Tiffany Howard and Glamfetti, our Local Love Award Winner!

Newcomer Award – Cherie Moore, Grapevine on Main

It is easy to love a business like this one. A little over a year ago, Washington County gained a great partner with vision, determination, and great taste in wine. Their calendar is filled with lots of live music, the menu bursting with yummy bites, and a patio that is truly a dream to relax on during a spring afternoon. Downtown Chappell Hill is so lucky to have them. Congratulations to our Newcomer Award recipient, Cherie Moore and Grapevine on Main.

Family Friendly Award – Mark Renn, Pioneer Smokehouse & Mercantile

In Brenham we love to be known for good old-fashioned fun for the whole family. When you find a place with good food, fun games, and it feels like you are in your own backyard - what more can you ask for? This business quickly became known for its relaxed atmosphere, great hospitality, and the perfect spot to bring the whole family. Congratulations to our 2022 Family- Friendly Award recipient, Mark Renn and Pioneer Smokehouse & Mercantile.

Social Media – Kolton King & Margarita Rodriguez, Chapelton Vineyards

Having a brand new venue that’s off the beaten path can be a challenge, but this business began marketing themselves well ahead of their grand opening. Set in the rolling hills between Old Washington and Chappell Hill, it’s evident that attention was paid to every detail in the design of this incredible business. The opportunities for stunning content are endless, and this new business shares it all with creativity on their social platforms. Chapelton Vineyards has put themselves on the Washington County map in a big way, and they are the winner of our Social Media Award. Representing Chapelton at the event were Kolton King and Margarita Rodriguez.

Picture Perfect – Texas Arts & Music Festival

This annual event has changed the face of Downtown Brenham and made the Arts District a hotspot for travelers and locals alike. The colorful murals have added another dimension to the beauty of our historic buildings and provide popular backdrops for countless selfies and photo shoots. It’s hard to imagine Downtown without the murals created by the talented artists brought to us by this festival. Thank you to the Texas Arts and Music Festival for making the Arts District of Brenham even more Picture Perfect. Representatives included Austin Taylor, Mitzi Schoppe, Jenny Van Dorf and Brooke Trahan.

Shining Star – Keith & Suzy Hankins, Ant Street Inn

This historic venue has been a focal point of Downtown Brenham for many years. The owners continually partner with businesses and organizations to bring people to Brenham for lodging and special events. Their passion for the community is evident as they promote and share what they love about Brenham in their marketing and, even more importantly, in everyday conversations with their guests. Keith and Suzy Hankins, Ant Street Inn, are Shining Stars in the tourism market of Washington County.

Visionary Award – Jared & Kathleen Anderson, The Grand Leader Project/Mescalito Coffee Company

Renovating any building is never easy. Add the complications and curve balls that come with a historic building renovation, and most people would run at the thought. But not the dedicated team behind this project–they extended the life of a historic corner building on the town square, making it more accessible, structurally sound, and now home to a bustling coffee shop, bake shop, and retail space. We watched as the vision for this project came to fruition in real life and behind-the-scenes as they documented the journey. The Visionary Award goes to Jared and Kathleen Anderson for The Grand Leader Project.

Partner of the Year – Pete & Jennifer Simpson, Floyd’s Lounge

Just over a year ago, this business came onto the Downtown Brenham scene in a colorful way, bringing energy and life to a quiet block. Adding to Washington County’s nightlife, this venue hosts live music multiple nights each week and offers a delicious selection of wine, beer, bar bites–and now cocktails. With beautifully designed spaces both inside and out, they have quickly become a favorite for visitors and locals. Awarded as the best Small Market Bar by Texas Travel Awards, Pete and Jennifer Simpson with Floyd’s Lounge are our Partners of the Year.

Legacy Award – Steph Jarvis, Texas Cotton Gin Museum

By definition a legacy is something of great value left by an ancestor. This tourism partner is the perfect example of what a true legacy is all about. Today, thousands of people both locally and from all over the world visit this 119 year-old site to see history come to life. It not only stands as a testament of the grit and fortitude of past generations, but also to the tenacity and determination of all those who are dedicated to maintaining and loving it. Recognized by the Smithsonian Institution, National Trust for Historic Preservation and the National Register of Historic Places … congratulations to Steph Jarvis and the Burton Farmers Gin and the Official Cotton Gin Museum of Texas for keeping the American Spirit alive and for all to experience firsthand.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Mike & Jean Shoup, Antique Rose Emporium

This last award is incredibly special because it goes to two people who have dedicated the last 40 years to a business that has put Washington County on the map. What was once seen as “fussy and hard to grow” by the owner, has now evolved into a love and appreciation for the “queen of flowers.” From being a founding member of the Texas Rose Rustlers, introducing new varieties of roses, and being a key figure in the renaissance of antique roses, they have shared their expertise with us so that we could go home and grow roses in our own backyards like experts.

Tourism can be found in many different businesses and we are certain this couple was not prepared to be such a vital tourism partner when they started the Antique Rose Emporium in 1983. Now, thousands of people have traveled near and far to see what they have created and to learn the knowledge of their craft. What they created here in our community is something that can never be forgotten. From weddings, to classes, to events and more, they truly embody all that Brenham/ Washington County is. For that, we presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to  Mike and Jean Shoup.

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