Alex Dallmeyer (right) receives a Certificate of Merit
from American Red Cross Executive Director Jennifer
Young. Dallmeyer was honored for helping to save
the life of his mother after a boating accident at
Lake Somerville on August 5, 2022.

A junior at Brenham High School was honored today (Thursday) by the American Red Cross for helping to save the life of his mother.

Alex Dallmeyer was presented a Certificate of Merit for his actions on August 5, 2022 to care for his mother after she suffered life-threatening injuries during a boating accident at Lake Somerville. Dallmeyer was recognized at today’s Brenham City Council meeting. 

American Red Cross Executive Director Jennifer Young said Dallmeyer performed “extraordinary acts of courage and selfless service,” and because of that, “his mother is here with us today.”

Young said Dallmeyer was tubing with his family at the lake on the day of the incident.  His mother was attempting to get back onto the boat when it slipped out of neutral.  The propeller caught her leg underwater and caused a serious wound to her calf. 

Assistant Aquatic Superintendent Kelsey Toy (right)
is honored with a Lifesaving Instructor Award,
presented by American Red Cross Executive Director
Jennifer Young.

Dallmeyer called 911 and repositioned her to keep her stabilized while using his brother’s shirt to control the bleeding.  As his family drove the boat toward shore, he stayed by her side to keep her and them calm, preventing her from going into shock.  Once they returned to the dock, EMS took over care and transported her to the hospital, where she had a successful surgery.

Councilmember Albert Wright said to Dallmeyer, “You are a blessing to this community.”  Kelsey Toy, the assistant aquatic superintendent at the Blue Bell Aquatic Center, and who trained Dallmeyer to become a lifeguard, said Brenham is fortunate to be able to call him one of its own.

Toy was also recognized by Young and the American Red Cross, as she was presented the Lifesaving Instructor Award.  The honor is given to instructors who teach American Red Cross award recipients. 

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  1. This youngster used his training and kept calm and his Mom calm and controlled the loss of blood cause you can bleed out and die faster than you can suffocate. Good job trainer and trainee. Always good to read where first responder training paid off with quick application of skills is the difference between life and death.

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