A Snook man has been indicted on two counts of murder in connection with a March 2, 2022 double fatality traffic crash that killed two Burleson County teenagers.

19-year-old Frederick Lamont Hawkins was indicted on two counts of murder in the deaths 16-year-old Fraylan Hawkins and 17-year-old Keelee Wilson.

He was also indicted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection to injuries sustained by 17-year-old Ashauntie Lister, and one count of evading arrest/detention with a vehicle.

According to DPS reports, Frederick Hawkins was the driver of a 2007 BMW with Lister as a front seat passenger, and Wilson and Fraylan Hawkins as back seat passengers. 

Their vehicle was pulled over on FM 2155 in Snook for failure to signal a turn and a registration violation.  After initially stopping, Hawkins fled the scene, and a high-speed pursuit ensued.

The pursuit ended when the BMW crashed sideways into a tree on County Road 269 between County Road 270 and Park Street.

Wilson and Fraylan Hawkins were pronounced dead at the scene by Burleson County Precinct Two Justice of the Peace Bill Orsak.

Frederick Hawkins and Lister were seriously injured and taken to the St. Joseph Regional Health Center in Bryan.

Hawkins turned himself in on March 6, and was released on $200,000 in bonds. 

His initial court appearance is scheduled for April 14.


  1. If you don’t agree with U.S. Criminal Law. You are free to move to another country. I am sure you will like another country’s laws more.

  2. It was not that serious for the cops to chase them behind a failure to signal. They must have been bored. I pray God gives him a second chance.

    1. I’m sure the officers involved didn’t want to chase him! When they notices an issue and tried to pull him over is when the bad decisions started. If he fled then that’s what the officers are supposed to do is pursue them, and why did he flee this causing this terrible situation that transpired? Consequences for your actions are a part of life and he now has to deal with that.

    2. So…if you get stopped and you don’t think it’s serious just take off…the cops shouldn’t pursue? Yep…makes sense to me. Those mean ole, “board”, cops are the problem. Couldn’t have anything to do with just doing what those board cops ask so you can go on your merry way. Nope…go ahead and take off and kill somebody.

  3. When someone dies during the commission of a felony, it’s called Murder.

    Running from the cops is a felony. If someone in your car dies when you crash, it’s Murder by law.

  4. I have to agree, what he is alleged to have done is wrong and a serious punishment is needed, but I have a hard time calling this murder. He did not start out with the intent to kill his passengers; it was likely a result of really bad judgement and immaturity. This seems to be on overreach by law enforcement. My condolences to the families who lost loved ones and prayers for the one who was injured.

    1. How about looking those parents in the eye and say that? Another case of kids growing up without respect for others…particularly law enforcement. All he had to do was take what was coming, pay a fine and move on. Now two are dead and one injured. Instead of defending him how about standing up and declaring to all young people to simply behave, respect others, think of others and not yourself???

      1. the passengers were his brother(;same mother same father)also his two friends. What if this was your son they were trying to paint this image on. OH BUT ITS NOT so you probably don’t care cus it’s not . PSA #mindthebusinessthatpaysurs

    2. 19 years old is no longer a “kid”. He made some bad decisions and needs to face the consequences of those decisions.

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