Potential incentives for an economic development project will be discussed behind closed doors on Thursday by the Brenham Community Development Corporation Board of Directors.

In executive session, the board will deliberate the possible offer of financial or other incentives for Project Katydid, which is described in the meeting’s agenda packet as a business seeking to locate, stay or expand in the City of Brenham.

Few details about the project, which has been the subject of executive session talks with the Brenham City Council and Washington County Commissioners, have been shared publicly.

In other business, board members will hear staff and administrative updates.

The board will meet Thursday at 7:30 a.m. in the second-floor conference room at Brenham City Hall. 

Click here to view the agenda packet for Thursday's meeting.


  1. why do these projects have secret fictional names? does the director have something to hide? the lack of transparency to the taxpayers is ludicrous to say the least. taxpayers deserve to know what is happening in their city and community. duh!
    transparency, not a bad concept if you are of good honest character. otherwise, it doesn’t work well if you are corrupt or dishonest. obviously, the city administration no longer represents the taxpayers.

    1. I’m with you. Sounds kinda “slippery” to me. Speak to our citizens in plain English.

    2. I could write the same about how you are using a fictional moniker to post on here. Oh the irony…

    3. The contemporary American version of “capitalism” entails a cottage industry of public and private negotiators all set against each other in a bidding war ordained by our legislators. All of their jobs depend on it and their lobbyists are well-organized. Ordinary citizens have no such lobbyists on their side that are interesting in putting the brakes on this crazy train. We get told that Brenham and Washington County has to bid against other towns or that we will miss out on opportunities. That’s often true. They’d no doubt say that keeping things secretive protects us from getting sniped by the competition. That’d also ring true. It’s often hard to blame the player when the game is such that the only way to lose it is not to play.

      Remember this. Anytime that your government is pushing for or against some sexy hot button cultural issue, that’s a fundraising and engagement opportunity for both sides. But it’s also a smokescreen that allows all of them on both sides to agree on the unsexy things that really matter to them. Like ensuring the flow of access money.

      A good regulatory body or caucus of legislators would try to makes themselves and their peers less relevant and just about as invisible as possible and procedural matters streamlined. They shouldn’t need to pick the winners because winners don’t need picking.

    4. I believe it’s the State that gives them these names so that when bids are sent out the company remains anonymous and communities cannot entice them with specific benefits only fit for their company.

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