Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Brenham has completed a multi-million dollar project to enhance its emergency department.

Baylor Scott & White representatives, Washington
County Chamber officials and community members
gather on Thursday for a ribbon cutting celebrating
the completion of renovations at the Brenham
hospital's emergency department.

A ribbon cutting was held this (Thursday) morning to introduce the public to the Brenham hospital’s renovations, which expand the emergency department with 5,000 square feet of new space and equipment.  The $2.3 million project was funded through community donations to the Baylor Scott & White – Central Texas Foundation – Brenham. 

Baylor Scott & White – College Station Region President Jason Jennings referenced a quote from famous football coach Vince Lombardi, saying, “Perfection is unattainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”  He said the hospital’s board, foundation and staff strive to provide excellent care, and these additions will only help in accomplishing that goal. 

Baylor Scott & White - Brenham Vice President of
Hospital Operations Blake Barnes addresses the
crowd at Thursday's ribbon cutting for the newly
renovated emergency department at the Brenham

The hospital has increased the number of examination areas from 10 to 13 and made them fully private exam rooms, giving more capacity and privacy to treat patients.  It has also added two “fast-track” rooms, a dedicated triage space, expanded nurses’ station and an enhanced entrance.

Blake Barnes, Vice President of Hospital Operations in Brenham, said the emergency department last saw renovations in the 1990s.  He said the improvements provide a more modern, accessible and patient-centered environment, and thanked the community for making this all possible.

One special addition to the hospital was given attention to, that being an “I Spy an A-Maze-Ing Quilt” created by the Piece Makers Ministry of Brenham’s First Baptist Church.  The quilt hangs on the wall in the emergency department lobby, acting both as a maze and “I Spy” game for visitors to enjoy.  The quilt is dedicated to the healthcare teams who care for Washington County. 

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  1. I was very honored to be able to tour the new renovations to the ER on Thursday. BSW administration and staff did an amazing job of updating, adding rooms, and adding new diagnostic equipment. I found out the ER averages 55 patients per day, and the added rooms will allow for future growth of an additional 7000 patient visits per year. As some area Hospitals have been losing services, I am proud to know that Brenham’s BSW is making the investments needed to continue to provide quality health care. The ER is not a place anyone ever looks forward to visiting, but I am glad to know they are prepared to take care of this community.

  2. Good medical care is an essential component for survival, and it is said “that if you build it, they will come.” It is a tragedy that Brenham does not have a hospital that can provide the proper care that this town deserves. ( not just an ER but a fully functioning hospital). Baylor Scott and White can afford to upgrade and expand our facility, and our elected officials and the citizens should demand this. We wonder why doctors won’t come to this town to work. Well, the dingy, outdated hospital is probably the main reason. If Scott and White cannot provide a full service hospital, then I am sure that Memorial Hermann or Methodist might be interested. Perhaps our officials and city board should start talking to these other entities and spark some interest ! Cities without adequate medical facilities will never thrive.

  3. Maybe they should have spent some of those funds on repairing their diagnostic equipment, so patients do not have to be transferred to another BSW facility for CT scans, MRIs or ultrasounds. Absolutely ridiculous that these services are not currently available to our local community due to outdated or broken equipment. The level of care for our rural area is declining at an alarming rate, and do not show any signs of improvement.

    1. I wonder why we keep having big “Hospital “ fund raisers when they keep giving less and less services. Wonder why several doctors go to Bellville for Surgery?

  4. I have been admitted to the hospital here numerous times for various ailments. In that time, the hospital here has stepped down from a certain Level to the Level below it, where certain care is not received at OUR hospital. The last two times I was admitted to the hospital, the MD in the ER tried mightily to get me transferred to OTHER BSW facilities, once to Temple and once College Station. That was all fine and well, however, he missed what I needed when I was finally admitted to the hospital here and admitted me for something that was NOT the problem, neccesaiting me to be transferred to another BSW facility after several days in the hospital here. The rooms that I have stayed in when I was admitted here the last two times, are in dire need of revitalizing and updating. I like my doctor here and no doubt will continue to use him, however, BSW’s main goal in Brenham seems to be to rustle up patients for their other, more modern facilities.

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