City of Brenham Tourism and Marketing Director
Jennifer Eckermann details the process of becoming
a Film Friendly Texas community during the city
council's meeting on Thursday.

Brenham is receiving attention from a movie production company that is said to be showing interest in filming in the city this summer.

On Thursday, Brenham City Councilmembers learned about the steps involved in being certified by the Texas Film Commission as a Film Friendly Texas community and about prospective guidelines to set in place for filming inside Brenham. 

City of Brenham Tourism and Marketing Director Jennifer Eckermann said she wanted the council’s thoughts on the subject sooner than initially planned because of the opportunity presented with this company.

No details were provided during the meeting about the company’s identity or its body of work, other than it primarily films in Houston and would intend to be in downtown Brenham for three days in August.  Eckermann told KWHI that the city’s talks with the company thus far have been “very basic conversations.” 

Eckermann said the group is “very open” to hosting a meeting with the council and anyone that would be impacted by the filming to explain its plans and answer questions.

According to Eckermann, over 160 communities in Texas are certified as Film Friendly.  The process for certification involves attending a workshop hosted by the Texas Film Commission, submitting photos of at least five possible filming locations in the city and passing administratively enforceable filming guidelines. Eckermann said Brenham’s draft rules, which cover aspects like filming hours, public safety assignments and the notification of affected residents or property owners, are based on samples provided by the Texas Film Commission and what the cities of Bryan and Stephenville currently have in place. 

After a few specific questions from the council regarding the proposed guidelines and the company’s working relationship with other towns and cities, Mayor Atwood Kenjura said it “sounds like the green light” to go ahead.  Eckermann answered that she will bring the guidelines back to the council next month. 

Click here to read more about the draft guidelines presented to the city council on Thursday (beginning on page 4).

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  1. Will it be another “soft” adult film that was filmed like in 2019? Maybe they should find out more information before they jump into that.

  2. A documentary on the history of Brenham would be great. Texas Independence, Cotton industry, the great fire, First public school, Gracie’s place, Blue Bell ice cream, the passenger railroad. This is what we need !!

  3. Sounds terrible.

    More traffic, more shut down areas.
    There is PLENTY of tourism all ready.
    I have lived and worked all over as a Stage Hand, IATSE, in my formative years, and this will only make Brenham less small town than needed.

    How about we stop trying to be Fredericksburg already!
    They might want a few extras, but ever other job will be not local, or will be imported.
    Sure, hotels, restaurants, bars, will see a short term increase, but that is it.


    Break that down, see what they want from the local tax payers.

    Show business is not what you think it is.

    Look at it from a regular tax payer’s stand point, not a star-struck, movie star idolized brain.

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